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The Science Experience

Place-based Science

Southwest Florida is our Classroom.

Our rigorous curriculum is a perfect balance of hands-on experiments and traditional learning.

The Seacrest Science Experience

At Seacrest, science and sustainability are dynamic and vital parts of our STEM program. From Elementary through Middle school and all the way to High School, students build on our core biology, chemistry, and physics competencies through integrative exploration both on and off-campus. The grounds of our lush, subtropical 40-acre campus provide outdoor laboratories and unlimited opportunities to test scientific concepts outside the classroom and discover real-world applications. Students and faculty alike can be found in the gardens, working with the chickens, collecting data at our ponds, and running the many saltwater and freshwater tanks.


marine biology

Amount of hours a Marine Bio student spends in or under water


Hours per week each student K-12 spends practicing hands-on science



Pounds of honey produced by our beehive each year



Number of eggs our school chickens lay per year

South Florida is our Classroom

Laboratories Without Walls

From our campus pond, to Naples Beaches, the Everglades, and The Florida Keys Seacrest students not only learn essential hands-on science skills, but also become citizen scientists conducting studies for The University of Maine, Marine Lab, and many local scientific institutions.

Traditional textbook learning and labs, are complimented by our hands-on science experiments. Our youngest students learn in our gardens by planting, watering, creating worm compost, and harvesting. They explore our campus cataloging species. Our First through Fifth grade science students conduct weekly hands on STEAM experiments in our state of the art STEAM lab. At Seacrest, the "S" stands for Science.

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Marine Biology

Seacrest has the best High School Marine Biology in Southwest Florida. Our students get their feet wet in Middle School during Marine Lab in Key Largo. In Upper School our Marine Biology students all train and receive their scuba certification so they can dive deeper in our local oceans. The class meets at the beach one morning each week to conduct water and organism studies, and work with local marine organizations to monitor and improve the quality of our oceans.

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