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Welcome to the Help Desk! We will be adding more tutorials throughout the year. If you need help, contact Meghan Easterly at

AlmaNow Phone App

AlmaNow Phone App

AlmaNow App

Magnus Health

Magnus Health is our Student Medical Record System. It has not changed. The method of logging in has changed. Parents should have received a setup email from Magnus with their username and password instructions. In the future, parents can click "Having Trouble Logging In" to receive a reset link.


Alma is our new Student Information System. It replaces the teacher pages within the portal. Alma is the place for parents to check their child's schedule, attendance, homework, report cards, and general information. Parents have received a setup email from Alma with their username and password instructions. In the future, parents can click "Forgot Password" to receive a reset link.

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AOL E-mail Users

AOL users often have trouble receiving our emails because AOL has very specific SPAM filters. Instead of placing our emails into your SPAM folder, AOL will just “unsubscribe” you from our emails.

If you do receive an email, here is what you can do to show AOL that we are not SPAM and that you are opting in to receive our emails:

  1. Reply to the email with any text.
  2. Click on any link that is within the body of the email.

If you are not receiving our emails, email Meghan Easterly at

Campus Parent Wi-Fi Information

Parents can now access the Guest Network with no password needed.

Simply choose "Guest" on your personal device to access the Seacrest Wireless network. You will be automatically connected.

MAC Parent Controls

In Parental Controls you can specifically permit access to websites by putting the URL in the Always Allow list, here is a short video clip showing how:

You should add both the http and https versions of the school website:

You should also add the following domain to the Always Allow list (this is a Google domain used in Google Analytics that is referenced at each page load, if blocked it can interfere with page loading):

Finally, in order for authenticated login sessions to work, you will need to make sure cookies are enabled in the browser in the browser in order for the login sessions to work. If you are not sure whether cookies are enabled, you can visit www.supportdetails.comand it will tell you whether you have cookies enabled.

For more discussions related to issues with Parental Controls and authenticated sessions in https sites, see