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Bulk Email Troubleshooting

AOL User Troubleshooting

If you are not receiving our emails, email Keith Arndt at

AOL users often have trouble receiving our emails because AOL has very specific SPAM filters. Instead of placing our emails into your SPAM folder, AOL will just “unsubscribe” you from our emails.

If you do receive an email, here is what you can do to show AOL that we are not SPAM and that you are opting in to receive our emails:

  1. Reply to the email with any text.
  2. Click on any link that is within the body of the email.

Gmail User Troubleshooting

If you are not receiving emails, Gmail may be filtering Seacrest emails into a tab besides your Primary Tab.

On your computer, go into your Gmail account.

In the search bar at the top of the page type

If our emails are coming through, then you should get several results back.

Click the star beside the emails from addresses, then Gmail will see those email sender addresses as safe and your emails should filter into your Inbox and into the Primary tab. Usually if emails go anywhere besides the Primary Tab, it is the “updates” tab. You can drag emails from that tab into the Primary tab to be sure you don’t miss them.

If this does not help, please email Keith Arndt at Troubleshooting

Yahoo User Trouble

Click here if you are having trouble receiving our emails into your Yahoo account.

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