Seacrest Enrichment Activities

Seacrest Enrichment Activities (S.E.A.) is an exciting program presenting after school opportunities in a variety of areas to students of all ages.

Activities including sports, music, art and dance are offered on campus Monday through Thursday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Enrichment activities are taught by Seacrest faculty, as well as other experienced professionals from the community. Students are provided with engaging and meaningful experiences as they begin to explore their interests and develop their abilities.

Based on demand, certain activities will be repeated throughout the year, while others will be taught for a limited time.

Contact Mrs. Lomele, SEA Coordinator.

2020-2021 Session Schedule

Session 1
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Session 2
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Session 3
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Unless otherwise noted activities are offered for nine weeks, on a once-a-week schedule. The cost for each class is listed with the registration and ranges from $180 to $300 for the seven week course.

Parents may charge their FACTS account or submit a check made out to Seacrest School to Lynda Farrow in the front office.

SAMPLE of Class Offerings