Seacrest Parents Association

A Seacrest education is a true partnership among teachers, administrators and families, which provides a strong and transparent relationship between school and home.

Once your child is enrolled at Seacrest, you become family—a member of a community of parents who have made an investment in their child’s education. Together with parents, we share a commitment to raising empowered, self-aware children. We take our role and responsibility seriously and this partnership is supported throughout divisions.

We highly recommend parents get involved in their child's school. Here are some opportunities to which you can lend your support:

Seacrest Parent Association

Every Seacrest parent is a member of the Seacrest Parent Association. Led by two leaders in each division, the parent association provides opportunities for parents to work together in support of Seacrest. Faculty appreciation luncheons, the Book Fair, Coffee Cart, numerous fundraisers, and being a room parent are all ways you can participate. LEARN MORE

Attend a Seacrest Parent Forum

The faculty at Seacrest Country Day School is accessible and a resource to parents as they navigate the early childhood years, adolescence and young adulthood. The Seacrest Parent Forum, facilitated by Seacrest faculty, is a speaker series that addresses topics in education ranging from “How the Adolescent Brain Works” to “Balancing the Lives of Our Students” to “What Every Kindergarten Parent Needs to Know About College.” LEARN MORE

Special Events

Seacrest hosts a variety of special events throughout the year. From athletic competitions to fundraisers to Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Seacrest welcomes parents to share their talents and time.

Parent Ambassador Program

Each year a group of dedicated parents works with the Enrollment Office to be a resource to prospective parents who may have questions about Seacrest. Once a family is enrolled, these veteran parents can act as "Buddy Parents" to help a family acclimate to their new school.