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Volunteers Bring Lessons To Life

Wildlife biologist and 2nd-grade parent guest speaker David Onorato from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spoke to our Lower School students about the importance of wildlife research globally and in our local communities. 

While passing around the preserved skulls of panthers and bears, students learned about the importance of field research for data collection. Mr. Onorato is a member of the field team that tags bobcats and panthers to observe their migration and breeding patterns in the Everglades. Today the only place with wild Florida panthers is right here at the southwestern tip of Florida.

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Novel Studies: Alice In Wonderland All Grown Up

The book Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, has been part of many children’s lives. It seems like a simple fairy tale, but it goes much deeper than that. Taking the perspective of Alice’s self-discovery, seniors in the Composition and Literature course read the novel to delve deeper into their self-reflection. 

Sure, Upper School students could write an essay after finishing this novel but thinking about the work creatively opens a new personal understanding and connection. 

“I want my students to walk away from my class being active readers,” Dr. Reese said. “Going beyond the lines in the book and discovering Alice’s journey towards self and using those same themes in their lives.” 

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Seacrest Success - Alumni Spotlight

Seacrest lifer, Katherine “Katey” Ryan ‘17, now a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University majoring in history and accounting and the Honors Senate Procedural Chair, is taking her love of learning and passion for intellectual engagement into her hands with a historical archive project of FGCU over the last 25 years. 

“My (Seacrest) teachers Mr. Nick Pohl and Ms. Peggy Duffy helped me find my passion for history and identify the subject as my college major.”

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Mock Trial, Real Wins

During the first weekend in February, the Collier County Bar Association holds a county-wide Mock Trial Competition amongst local high schools throughout the county.  This year, for the 3rd time in Seacret Country Day School history, Seacrest students have been crowned the Mock Trial County Champion.  

The Mock Trial competition gives students an opportunity to grasp the concept of how juries work through the process of studying and presenting a case in front of a jury and judge in a courtroom.

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Sustainable Lessons For A Sustainable Future

Seacrest's Global Sustainability curriculum and programs incorporate hands-on "learning by doing". Each year, students - with the help of teachers and parent volunteers - plan out what to plant in each of the 5 gardens using Collier Green's regional planting guide.

“The students are taught to learn to maintain organic gardens by working together, yielding more fruit and vegetables in a time of the season which will prosper all involved in the harvest.“ Mr. Fran Tablas, Marine Biology, and Global Sustainability Teacher. 

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Animate Like A Pixar Pro

Do you know how to create animation like the pros at Disney and Pixar? 

Our Seacrest Upper School technology students do! 

Students in the Upper School Technology class are learning how to visualize architectural spaces with the help of Sheridon Wright, the Technology and Media Arts teacher, by creating 3D models of interior environments using Autodesk, a software used by animation studios at Disney and Pixar! 

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Mercury Rising

8th Grade Assists National Park Service With Dragonfly Study

In almost every part of the world, the dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization but they are also great indicators of the negative effects on the local wetland ecosystem. Our Seacrest students are assisting Big Cypress, National Park Service, and South Eastern U.S. Region in a citizen scientist project that studies the rising mercury levels in dragonfly nymphs which indicate high levels of toxic bacteria in our Florida wetlands. 

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