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This fall, Seacrest senior Abigail Timmerman created The Alibi, an online literary magazine. Inspired by the name of a charming old boat Abigail passed on her way to school, Abigail felt “The Alibi” was an appropriate name for the magazine because of the nature of the creative process. “I was really fond of the idea that people could use their writing as an alibi.”

Chemistry of Cooking and Key Club students teamed up this week to serve Upper School students a holiday pancake breakfast. Dr. Bowden and Ms. Leidy, aided by seniors Julie Zegarra, Ian Bellow, and Hannah Bui, sparked a little holiday cheer in Seacrest students and staff by serving up freshly made chocolate chip pancakes to all those who passed by.

Learning chemistry through hands-on practical cooking knowledge is a win!

For a final project on Milton’s Paradise Lost, English teachers Mr. Owen Gemmer (‘15) and Dr. MaryZoe Bowden had their students depict a scene from from the 17th century epic poem in a creative medium of their own choosing. The students’ responses ranged from writing and performing a song as Eve (if she were a contemporary singer-songwriter) to baking a cake decorated like the Garden of Eden, with red devil’s food cake hidden inside. 

If you step into a classroom at Seacrest’s Upper School, what will you find? If it’s Mr. Schott’s American Literature class this week, it will be an energetic debate about the merits of transcendentalism.

Seacrest’s most time-honored tradition—being non-traditional—continues this year with a fan favorite: marine science studies that draw students out of the classroom and invite them to hone their research skills in the real world. Led by Dr. Caron Staples, the Upper School Marine Biology class meets on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico at 7:30 a.m. once each week to practice water sampling.

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