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Thank you to all our guests who

Sipped and Sparkled

with us on January 24th

The venue and designer were both equally amazing, complimenting each other with an exclusive and organic atmosphere showcasing elegant, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Designer: Alexis Kletjian

Venue: The Escalante

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida and Seacrest Country Day School are appreciative for everyone who supported this successful event.

Conservancy Fundraiser

Did you know that the Conservancy of Southwest Florida is a teaching partner with Seacrest Country Day School? Our partnerships begin with First Graders being introduced to animal ecosystems during a field trip to The Conservancy. As our students progress in grade levels, they travel to The Conservancy where they learn first-hand about sea life ecology, aquatic ecosystems and the importance of filter marshes. Educational pieces from The Conservancy are written into the Seacrest Science Curriculum to continue learning on campus. For example, students learn to use the equipment and do water quality testing at The Conservancy filter marsh. At Seacrest, students use these techniques while working in our retention pond.

For more than 50 years, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida has been a leading environmental advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the water, land, wildlife and future of our five-county area. Learn more about The Conservancy.

Why Jewelry?

Alexis Kletjian has a fondness for Seacrest and the ocean. She designed a stingray pendant as a gift for Dr. Sylvia Earle during Dr. Earle's visit to Seacrest. Alexis then partnered with Seacrest to create an event that would raise money for The Conservancy of Southwest Florida. Proceeds from the night of Sip & Sparkle for the Sea will benefit The Conservancy. Following the event, the Stingray Pendant will be sold publicly with 20% of all sales benefitting Seacrest for one year.

Dr. Sylvia Earle was given the first Seacrest Stingray Pendant during her visit.

Why Water?

Because of the timely issue of red tide in Southwest Florida, Seacrest Students are engrossed in a year-long study of water.