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Sprint to the Finish

Every fall our fundraising campaign, Seacrest's Annual Fund is initiated with the goal of 100% participation from employees, parents, alumni parents, grandparents, Board members and friends of Seacrest.

Like all independent schools, Seacrest depends on annual giving to bridge the gap between tuition and the cost to operate the school and enhance the student experience. Your charitable and tax-deductible contribution to the Annual Fund supports faculty and staff salaries, professional development, programs, campus maintenance and improvements, financial aid and more.

Your gift, in any amount, directly supports our students and faculty.

Thank You to Our 2020-2021 Donors


Seacrest Country Day School celebrates the generosity of each of our donors who supports our students with a philanthropic gift during the 2020-2021 school year. The unwavering generosity of our donors is an investment in each and every student and allows us to deliver Seacrest’s transformative learning experience. We are grateful to our donors for their contribution!

Total Giving Circles
Donors are listed by their total contribution to Seacrest during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Benefactors Circle - $250,000+
Visionary Circle - $100,000 to $249,999
Legacy Circle - $50,000 to $99,999
Founders Circle - $25,000 to $49,999
Trustees Circle - $10,000 to $24,999
Leadership Lane Circle - $5,000 to $9,999
Head of School Circle - $2,500 to $4,999
Partners Circle - $1,000 to $2,499
Blue and Green Circle - $500 to $999
Friends Circle - $250 to $499
Stingray Club - up to $249

We would like to thank the following donors:

Benefactors Circle - $250,000+
Bob and Mariann MacDonald

Visionary Circle - $100,000 to $249,999
The Kao Family*/Porsche Naples

Legacy Circle - $50,000 to $99,999

Joe and Candice Lopez*

Founders Circle - $25,000 to $49,999
Tom and Susan Murray
Michael and Nancy O'Hara

Trustees Circle - $10,000 to $24,999
Vince and Dr. Deanna Barbaro*
David and Debra Huber
Maria L. Ransburg Charitable Foundation
The Wasmer Family*

Leadership Lane Circle - $5,000 to $9,999
Dan Menelly
Bob and Susi Sebes
Nicole Soderlund*
John and Jennifer Wimsatt*

Head of School Circle - $2,500 to $4,999
The Bellestri Family*
The Bozarth Family*
William and Barbara Jones
The Pestarino Family*

Partners Circle - $1,000 to $2,499
Anonymous (2)
The C. E. Brehm Foundation
Moira Carroll*
The de Asla Family*
Anand Deonarine and Fareeza Solomon*
Anthony and Brenda Di Norcia and Family*
Robert and Amberly Donath*
The Herstein Family*
The Khammash Family*
Obayedur and Salma Khan*
Rob and Ann Lawson*
The Little-Hunt Family*
Douglas Meester
Andrew and Megan Miller*
Glenn and Denise Miller*
The Mizwa Family*
Dellora A. and Lester J. Norris Foundation
David and Patricia Perron*
The Prischak Family*
Chuck and Allison Rainey*
Wesley and Naomi Smith '01*
Scott and Laurie Thompson*
The Timmerman Family*
Conrad and Erin Williams*
Mireille Zappulla*

Blue and Green Circle - $500 to $999
Anonymous (2)
The Arpin Family*
Eva Aspegren*
Kevin Aspegren*
The Bender Family*
Chirs Celano '10
The Cruz Family
Henry and Lisa Grum*
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jacoby*
The Kruk Family*
Diana Macian MD*
James and Gena Merkel*
Jennifer Murdock*
Jim and Maureen Murphy Family*
Patrice Shields P'12
Thomas Trently and Tracey Nicholson*

Friends Circle – $250 to $499
Affordable PetCare Hospital
Kimberly Alario*
The Rougne Andersen Family*
Ron and Julie Aspegren
The Bender Family
Mary Brandt and Family*
David and Jodie Bruton
Grandparents of Juliet and Ian Clayton
Thomas G. Brown and Diane Condon
The Czapla Family*
The Eisenhuth Family*
The Espinosa Family*
The Grinsteins Family
The Guerriero Family*
David and Tracy Haley*
David Hastings '10
Mark Hastings '14
Scott and Lisa Hicks*
The Hussey Family*
Steve and Billie Jean Karterouliotis*
Erin Kelly*
The Lahti Family*
The Lyons Family*
Mark and Jennifer Marsala
Eric and PJ Meyer
Stuart and Stephanie Miller
The Pash Family*
The Pearson Family*
C. Reed Rollins
The Rustice Family*
The Vishio Family
The Vitelli Family*
The Wilson Family*
Tom and Alana Wriggins*
Todd and Sharon Zwicker*

Stingray Club - up to $249
Dale and Nancy Adler
Michelle Alfrey
AmazonSmile Foundation
Nancy Amos
Anonymous (10)
Keith Arndt
Milena Ayala
Mary Baron*
Jesse and Sandy Bernstein
The Bluestein Family*
Dr. Joe Bord and Rabbi Nicole Lunda
Bill and MaryZoe Bowden
Robin Bowers
Jessica Brady '15
Angela Brown-Burchett
Blake Burchett '16
Dylan Burchett '11
Tyler Burchett '14
The Byrom Family*
William J. Carufe
Steven and Pamela Caruso*
Nikki Clark
Jan and Taina Class*
Alison Clayton*
Justin Coker '17
Doug and Helen Conroy*
Helen Cooper
Gustavo Costa
Jenny Cruz*
Jeanette Curvin
Duarte and Denise Da Silveira and Family
Jerry and Terry Dalton
Dorothy Dean*
Bill and Jodie DeSalvo
Samantha Dewling
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Donley, Jr.*
Ridge Dulitz
Marty Durham
Jason and Meghan Easterly*
Carol Emerton
Michelle English
Lynda Farrow
Tay Fessenden
The Forget Family*
Sal and Terry Gardino
The Goldberg Family*
Mike and Alecia Grandi*
George and Nicole Grech
The Grimm Family*
Dylan Hacker
Patricia Harper and Mark Hogan
Austin '11 and Madison '12 Hunt
Peter and Jennifer Huy*
The Hynes-Gallagher Family*
Ryan Jobe*
Alex Johnson
Craig Johnson
The Jokela's
Ralph Krumins*
Eduardo Lishner
Amyrose LoMele
Brett and Simone Low*
Sylvie Lucki
Mike Manley
Stephan and Nancy Mazula
Mario Mendoza
Jason and Christin Minder*
Robert and Judy Mitchell
Heather Moore
Cy and Claudia Morris*
Brian and Lisa Moschello
Marissa Murray '17
Luke and Laura Noble*
Kristin Norkeliunas
Chris and Samantha Navedo*
Tricia O'Connor*
Deborah O'Hara
Alberto Ortiz and Sandra Callau*
Chandra Parmiter*
Robert and Jennifer Paxton*
Nicholas and Justyna Pohl*
Robert Powell
The Pruitt Family*
Julia Reisman '16
Linda Rich
Bill and Caroline Richards*
Sydney Richardson*
Adrian Rickert*
Rob and Mai Riley*
Jarod Rogers*
Tristan Rosal
Evelyn Ruiz
Linda Russetto
Mr. and Mrs. David Schimmel
Meghan and Abby Schimmel*
Howard Schott and Amanda Sutton-Schott*
Roger Speheger*
Caron Staples
The Stapp Family*
Haleh Tabrah, MD*
The Giallombardo Theel Family*
The Timotheo Family*
Ally Topliff
Drew and Tammy Townsend*
Jennifer and Emma Townsend*
Nancy Turner
Tyra Turner*
Kim Walbert
The Walzer Family*
Robert R. Wickboldt, Jr.
Chris and Rae Young
Judy and Jeff Zwicker

* Denotes a current Seacrest family