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The Annual Fund

2019-2020 Seacrest Annual Fund Campaign - ALL IN

October 1 thru October 31, 2019
Our October Annual Fund Campaign Kickoff has ended, thank you so much to everyone who participated! We are so grateful to be able to count on gifts from families like yours in support of our students, teachers and programs. Although the October Campaign has ended, the Annual Fund is open for the entire school year until June 30 and you can still make your gift today.

Every fall we kick-start the Seacrest Annual Fund with a month-long focused campaign beginning in October. What an exciting year to be part of the Seacrest community! When we are ALL IN we can deliver our mission, further our school, and make an impactful difference in the lives of our students.

Our theme for the 2019-2020 academic year – and for the Annual Fund Drive - is “ALL IN”. Our goal is 100% participation from employees, parents, alumni parents, grandparents, trustees and friends of Seacrest.

Help Seacrest reach our $350,000 goal and 100% participation for our Annual Fund Drive! Make your gift today to make a difference!

Together, we are ALL IN for our students, ALL IN for our programs, and ALL IN for our mission.

Your charitable and tax-deductible contribution to the Seacrest Annual Fund supports faculty and staff salaries, professional development, programs, campus maintenance and improvements, financial aid and more.

Foundation of Giving
An annual fund at most private, independent schools serves as the foundation of giving. Each year, schools rely on unrestricted annual fund contributions to provide special resources for students and faculty that support educational initiatives not covered by tuition alone.

Seacrest Country Day School’s Annual Fund is the school’s top fundraising priority each year because it directly supports the school’s mission and shows our dedication to our greatest assets – amazing students and outstanding teachers.

Make your gift to the Seacrest Annual Fund today to make a difference!

The unrestricted funds raised each academic year enable Seacrest to:

  • Provide outstanding, creative, unique and excellent academic education focusing on relevant foundational skills, hands-on projects, inquiry-based learning and creative problem solving.
  • Attract and retain dedicated, passionate and highly-skilled teachers who are involved in all aspects of our students’ life including sports, clubs, after-school programs, advisory, leadership and mentor support.
  • Offer small class sizes, mixed-grade project experiences, cross-curricular integration and one-on-one attention.
  • Deliver inspiring, hands-on and meaningful learning experiences that involve students, teachers, community partners, and often parents, too
  • Create dynamic and unique programs including all-school creative inquiry projects on current and relevant issues (such as red tide and water quality in Southwest Florida, or our national award-winning Robotics program).
  • Combine fine arts, creative and visual arts, performing arts and digital arts and technology into a one-of a kind Art Program that delivers student-driven projects such as our annual Fashion Show, Jamfest Talent Show, Art in the Park, Sidewalk Chalk Art, Middle and Upper School musicals, holiday concerts and more.
  • Develop multi-curricular athletes and strengthen our competitive athletics program that focuses on a balanced approach to academics and sports, team and individual development, and leadership development.
  • Enable access to and inclusion of a growing family of mission-appropriate students through our robust tuition assistance program.
  • Maintain a welcoming, clean, spacious, friendly and vibrant campus and grounds– a home away from home for our students, teachers, staff and families and our community.

The Annual Fund enables Seacrest to sustain our current offerings as well as continually build for the future and ensure our legacy.

The Seacrest Annual Fund is open to receive gifts throughout the academic year (July 1-June 30). Make your gift today to make a difference!

It’s All About Participation
A successful and sustained annual fund depends on the participation of every member of the school community. This is why we invite parents, grandparents, alumni, trustees, former parents and grandparents, friends, faculty, staff, administrators, community partners, corporations, and foundations—to help maintain our excellence.

Your participation will serve as a meaningful statement about your commitment to our school, our mission, our community and our students and teachers. Give to the Seacrest Annual Fund because you believe in our mission, the dedication of our teachers and staff, and the limitless potential of a Seacrest education for your students.Your gift, in any amount, is a meaningful investment in the education of your child and each and every student at Seacrest. No gift is too small, and every gift counts.

It is your contributions to the Annual Fund that help makes the overall growth and success of Seacrest as an institution, possible.

If you have questions about how you can support Seacrest Country Day School, please call the Development Office at 239-793-1986 or email Eva Aspegren, Director of Development at


Thank You to Our 2019-2020 Donors

Seacrest Country Day School celebrates the generosity of each of our donors who supports our students with a philanthropic gift during the 2019-2020 school year. The unwavering generosity of our donors is an investment in each and every student and allows us to deliver Seacrest’s transformative learning experience. We are grateful to our donors for their contribution!

Total Giving Circles
Donors are listed by their total annual fund contribution to Seacrest during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Visionary Circle - $100,000+
Legacy Circle - $50,000 to $99,999
Founders Circle - $25,000 to $49,999
Trustees Circle - $10,000 to $24,999
Leadership Lane Circle - $5,000 to $9,999
Head of School Circle - $2,500 to $4,999
Partners Circle - $1,000 to $2,499
Blue and Green Circle - $500 to $999
Friends Circle - $250 to $499
Stingray Club - up to $249

As an independent school, we depend on donations to the Seacrest Annual Fund to close the gap between tuition and operating costs and support virtually every area of school life including the arts, music, theater, athletics, science, student passion projects and programs, classroom supplies, class plays, special events, and tuition assistance. Contributions range from $10 to $100,000 and are from current parents as well as faculty and staff, board members, past parents, grandparents, alumni, businesses, corporate matches to employee contributions, and family foundations. Donations can be made at one time or on a monthly basis. No gift is too small, and every gift counts.

We thank the following donors:

Visionary Circle - $100,000+
John and Rachel Paz*

Legacy Circle - $50,000 to $99,999


Founders Circle - $25,000 to $49,999

Trustees Circle - $10,000 to $24,999
Mr. and Mrs. David Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Hara

Leadership Lane Circle - $5,000 to $9,999
Vince and Dr. Deanna Barbaro*
Randal and Kimberly Bellestri*
Brian and Shelley Broader*
Jeff and Trish Erickson
Dan and Lily Kao*
Johannes and Candice Lopez*
Dan Menelly
Chuck and Joanna Metzger*
Bob and Susi Sebes
Nicole Soderlund*
Mr. and Mrs. John Worthington

Head of School Circle - $2,500 to $4,999
Tod Bodell
Richard Counts*
Patrick Fitzgerald and Carol Hastings
Robert and Mariann MacDonald

Partners Circle - $1,000 to $2,499
Anonymous (2)
Tony and Sue Belisle*
C. E. Brehm Foundation
Chris Celano '10
The Cepero Family*
Michael and Mary Louise Cunningham
The de Asla Family*
Donato and Lynn DiNorcia*
Erin Duffy
Pierre and Debra Grilo*
Jennifer Murdock and Zachary Hussey*
The Ide Family*
Bernice Kaye Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Obayedur Khan*
The Kruk Family*
David and Tania Lahti*
The Leithauser Family*
Andrew and Megan Miller*
Glenn and Denise Miller*
Alexandre and Cristina Morais Fidelis*
David and Patti Perron*
Porsche Naples
The Prischak Family* 
Steve and Kelly Prue
Rodd and Susie Schreiber*
Leslie Sherman
The Timmerman Family*
Jason and Naomi Walden*

Blue and Green Circle - $500 to $999
Ron and Julie Aspegren
The Bender Family*
Thomas G. Brown and Diane Condon
The Carroll Family*
Florida Everblades
The Forget Family*
Priscilla Glover*
The Grinsteins Family
B. Noel Harrington
Graysen and Persephone Johnson*
Tim and Valerie Khammash*
Diana Macian, MD*
Mark and Jennifer Marsala
Stuart and Stephanie Miller
The Mizwa Family*
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Murphy*
O.B. Osceola Family*
David and Jen Pash*
Mark and Kristina Price*
Chad and Tyra Turner*

Felipe and Eleanor Weingartt
The Woodson Family*

Friends Circle – $250 to $499
Affordable PetCare Hospital*
Eva Aspegren*
Dr. Joel and Janelle Bohemier*
The Bruton Family*
Jennifer Driggers-Cecil*
The Eckhardt Family*
David Hastings '10

Mark Hastings '14
Christopher and Rosie Hatwell*
Mr. Jim Hunt and Dr. Catherine Little-Hunt*
Mario Mendoza
Raymond and Florence Micheline
Jason and Kimberly Ocana*
Dave Onorato and Nerea Lopez
Mary Louise Purtle*
C. Reed Rollins
The Rucker Family*
The Rustice Family*
Ute Vandersluis*
Tom and Alana Wriggins*
Todd and Sharon Zwicker*

Stingray Club - up to $249
Michelle Alfrey
AmazonSmile Foundation
Anonymous (13)
Anon Family
Paul and Katherine Arpin*
Kevin Aspegren*
Milena Ayala
Mary Baron*
Barbara Barton
Jesse and Sandy Bernstein
Rebecca Best
Pete and Lorie Bitzel*
The Bluestein Family*
Dr. Joe Bord and Family
The Boreham Family*
Bill and MaryZoe Bowden
Robin Bowers
Doug and Debra Brown*
Angela Brown-Burchett
Blake Burchett '16
Dylan Burchett '11
Michael Byrom and Shan O'Fee-Byrom*
The Canada Family
Dr. Lois Carme
William Carufe
Steven and Pamela Caruso*
John and Patti Mulligan
Jan and Taina Class*
Jon and Alison Clayton*
Megan Clayton*
Douglas and Helen Conroy*
The Cunningham Family*
Jeanette Curvin
Terry Dalton
The Daugherty Family*
John Dial
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Donley, Jr.*
Dayna Ducham*
Ridge Dulitz
Tim and Marty Durham
The Earnest Family*
Jason and Meghan Easterly*
Carol Emerton
Michelle English
The Farrow Family
Jonathan and Amy Feins
Elizabeth Feins '13
Michael Foor '10
Kyle Foster
Christina Francis*
The Frizza Family*
Susan Garwood
Owen Gemmer '15
Luc Goemaere and Karen Wu*
Mike and Alecia Grandi*
George and Nicole Grech
Anne Haskins
Brian and Melissa Hemmert*
Heather Hilton*
Mark Hogan and Patricia Harper
Sean and Julie Hussey*
Peter and Jennifer Huy*
The Hynes Gallagher Family*
Ryan and Abby Jobe*
Randy and Maria Klinck*
Nikki Kologlu-Clark
John and Wendy Kray*
Pedro Legrand
Michelle Leidy
The Leiner Family*
Vera Lindabury
Eduardo Lishner
Amyrose LoMele
Pedro Lopez
Brett and Simone Low*
Sylvie Lucki
Lawrence and Jacinta Manierre
Mike Manley
Stephan and Nancy Mazula
Lisa McLaughlin*
Juliana Meek '95
The Merrell/Rhoads Family*
Dr. Debra Merwin
Eric and PJ Meyer
Jason and Christin Minder*
Judy Mitchell
Timothy and Heather Moore
Cy and Claudia Morris*
The Myers Family*
Mike and Denise Nieman*
Kristin Norkeliunas
Deborah O'Hara
Jose and Antonia Ortiz
Chandra Parmiter*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paxton*
Robert and Lisa Pearl*
The Pearson Family*
Nicholas and Justyna Pohl*
Glenn and Dr. Lynne Powell
Jim Prozzi and Margaret Bryant
Karin Reinbold
Linda Rich
Bill and Caroline Richards*
Rob and Mai Riley*
Ricardo and Noel Rives*
Linda Russetto
Joe and Laura Ryan
Meghan and Abby Schimmel*
Howard and Amanda Sutton-Schott*
Matthew and Katie Sibert*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sibert
The Sieber Family*
Ed and Debbie Skrzynski
Martin and Connie Slavik*
Hans Smelker
Shannon Smith*
Roger Speheger*
Dr. Caron Staples
Danny and Ashlee Stapp*
Jim, Joann, Kate '17 and Ryan Talano*
The Timotheo Family*
Kelly Townsend
Jennifer Townsend*
Jaclyn Traina
Nancy Turner
Jason and Nicole Vishio*
Kimberly Walbert
Jeff and Cindy Weir*
Tina Westervelt*
David Wilkinson
Isaac Wilkinson '18
JT Wilkinson '16
Karen Wilkinson
The Wimsatt Family*
Chris and Rae Young
Jeffrey and Judith Zwicker

* Denotes a current Seacrest family