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“Imagine a school in which children would explore, experiment, create, and discover; where children would learn to respect and help each other; where minds would be stretched and strengthened; where information would be experienced, and practiced.” - Jane Kern (Seacrest Founder)

"Imagine the best possible learning environment for children" 

Imagine..." That simple but profound word is what Seacrest was founded upon 37 years ago, and “imagine,” is what we ask of each of our students every day. When we imagine we give power to our creative inspiration and we make real what was once just a dream. Back in 2000, our school community imagined the most advanced technology center of any school in Florida, and at a time when that was unheard of, Seacrest built one that rivaled any learning institution in our state. What Seacrest imagined twenty years ago prepared students for the technology-driven, interconnected world we live in today.

Our students, teachers, and families imagined adding athletic fields, gymnasiums, and programs, where every student is welcome to find their place to shine on a team. The results of that dream can be measured in state championships, and Seacrest graduates playing at the college level at more than twice the national average.

We imagined a high school where students would have the breadth to sharpen their focus and explore interests and strengths through extracurricular activities, internships, in addition to their concentrated studies. That concept resulted in Seacrest graduates who are prepared, confident, inspired, and ready to attend the top-tier four-year colleges and some of the nation's most exclusive universities they are consistently accepted with.

"Imagine," a word that opened so many doors for thousands of students in our community.

With your support, just imagine what we can do next.

Imagine 100


A culture of giving is at the heart of a great educational institution.

Just as we ask our students to engage in their experience here at Seacrest, we also ask each member of our community to play an active role in delivering our mission. Because independent schools such as Seacrest operate without government funds, it is important to raise additional money each year, apart from tuition, to continue offering our students an exceptional learning environment. In addition to tuition, parents, alumni, grandparents, friends, community partners and outside constituents are asked to invest in the growth and enhancement of Seacrest through annual giving and special events.

We ask you to make annual giving to Seacrest's Annual Fund a top philanthropic priority each year. Gifts to the Annual Fund support Seacrest’s operating budget, ensuring our students continue to receive an educational experience that will prepare them for the future. To learn more about the Seacrest Annual Fund, why you should give, and the impact your gift makes, visit The Annual Fund page.

Making your gift to Seacrest is easy. We graciously accept:

  • Cash, check, or credit card donations
  • Wire Transfers
  • Matching Gifts
  • Appreciated Securities – This is a popular alternative way to give a cash gift because it avoids capital gains tax on securities held long-term and provides an income tax deduction equal to the fair-market value at the date of transfer. If you would like to use this option, please contact Eva Aspegren, Director of Development at .

Your charitable and tax-deductible contribution to the Annual Fund supports faculty and staff salaries, professional development, programs, campus maintenance and improvements, tuition assistance and more. We are grateful for your support!

In addition to monetary gifts, our active parent body graciously gives their time to a number of activities and events on campus. Seacrest would not be the inclusive and exciting community it is without the participation of our families in the lives of their children and the life of our school. The information below will help introduce you to some of the inherent differences and the particular responsibilities of independent school parents.

Imagine what we can do Ways to Give




Thank You to Our 2020-2021 Donors


Seacrest Country Day School celebrates the generosity of each of our donors who supports our students with a philanthropic gift during the 2020-2021 school year. The unwavering generosity of our donors is an investment in each and every student and allows us to deliver Seacrest’s transformative learning experience. We are grateful to our donors for their contribution!

Total Giving Circles
Donors are listed by their total contribution to Seacrest during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Benefactors Circle - $250,000+
Visionary Circle - $100,000 to $249,999
Legacy Circle - $50,000 to $99,999
Founders Circle - $25,000 to $49,999
Trustees Circle - $10,000 to $24,999
Leadership Lane Circle - $5,000 to $9,999
Head of School Circle - $2,500 to $4,999
Partners Circle - $1,000 to $2,499
Blue and Green Circle - $500 to $999
Friends Circle - $250 to $499
Stingray Club - up to $249

We would like to thank the following donors:

Benefactors Circle - $250,000+
John and Rachel Paz
Bob and Mariann MacDonald

Visionary Circle - $100,000 to $249,999
The Grilo Family Fund of the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
The Kao Family*/Porsche Naples
Tom and Susan Murray
Michael and Nancy O’Hara

Legacy Circle - $50,000 to $99,999
Steve and Jane Akin
The Ilitch Family*
Joe and Candice Lopez*
The Wasmer Family*

Founders Circle - $25,000 to $49,999
The Langeshaw Family Fund of the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Bob and Susi Sebes

Trustees Circle - $10,000 to $24,999
Vince and Dr. Deanna Barbaro*
The Bellestri Family*
FineMark National Bank & Trust
Florida Wood Window & Door Inc.
David and Debra Huber
The Little-Hunt Family*
Graysen and Persephone Johnson*
Chuck and Joanna Metzger*
Andrew and Megan Miller*
Jim and Maureen Murphy*
The Prischak Family*
Maria L. Ransburg Charitable Foundation
Tom and Alana Wriggins*

Leadership Lane Circle - $5,000 to $9,999
Kevin Aspegren*
The Bozarth Family*
Mary Brandt and Family*
Ray and Leslie Cappella/JRC Transportation Inc.
Champions for Learning
Ella Bay Logistics LLC
Jeff and Trish Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jacoby*
Dan Menelly
Naples Lumber and Supply Co., Inc.
Sam ’14 and Abigail ’16 O’Hara
The Soderlund Family*
John and Jennifer Wimsatt*

Head of School Circle - $2,500 to $4,999
Paul and Katherine Arpin*
The de Asla Family*
Matthew and Claire Baker ’04
BCB Homes
Anthony and Brenda Di Norcia and Family*
Donato and Lynn Di Norcia
The Edwards Family*
The Espinosa Family*
The Forget Family*
Allan and Gabriela Goldberg*
Michaela Henning
Austin ’11 and Madison ’12 Hunt
William and Barbara Jones
Kaye Lifestyle Homes
Ben Kaye ’14
Stuart and Jay Kaye
L&F Scrap Metals Inc.
Glenn and Denise Miller*
Jason and Kimberly Ocana*
OneDigital Health and Benefits
The Pestarino Family*
Brad Phelps
Deo ’11 and Annalisa ’11 Savoretti
The Timmerman Family*
Verana E LLC (The Escalante)
Felipe and Eleanor Weingartt

Partners Circle - $1,000 to $2,499
Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems
Thomas Chiappini and Jill Aleshire*
Linda and John Anderson Charitable Foundation
Andrew Atlivanov
The Bender Family*
The Boreham Family*
Moira Carroll*
Steve and Pamela Caruso*
The C.E. Brehm Foundation
Jack and Joan Conroy
The Czapla Family*
Brenda Di Norcia*
Scott Hicks and Lisa Dolezel*
Robert and Amber Donath*
Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System, Inc.
Bill and Sonia Earls
Zak Farrow ’14
The Fazekas Family*
The Foley Family*
Ryan Frost
Evan and Caroline Gappelberg
Patricia Garcia
The Hemmert Family*
The Herstein Family*
The Roschek Family*
JP Morgan Chase Good Works Employee Giving Program
Michael Kniebeler and Stefanie Immler*
Richard and Andrea Kershaw*
The Khammash Family*
Obayedur and Salma Khan*
Rob and Ann Lawson*
Keith and Lori Lingsch*
Anthony and Robyn Matonti*
Sean McGuinness
Douglas Meester
James and Gena Merkel*
Jason and Christin Minder*
Newell Family Foundation
Dellora A. and Lester J. Norris Foundation
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
David and Patricia Perron
Chuck and Allison Rainey*
Dave Satkoski and Marc Reisman
Bill and Caroline Richards*
Sydney Richardson*
Wes ’01 and Naomi Smith*
Anand Deonarine and Fareeza Solomon*
Scott and Laurie Thompson*
The Nicholson-Trently Family*
Frederick Westerman
Conrad and Erin Williams*
Mireille Zappulla

Blue and Green Circle - $500 to $999
The Rougne Andersen Family*
Eva Aspegren*
Ken and Bobbie Bennett
The Byrom Family*
Blue Diamond Garage and Home Solutions
Angela Brown-Burchett
Clayton Family Grandparents
Community Foundation of Collier County
The Cruz Family
Henry Grum and Lisa d'Arcy
Jarod Rogers and Dorothy Dean*
Bill and Jodie DeSalvo
James and Emily Driscoll
The Easterly Family*
Mark Fairless
Florida Elite Basketball, Inc.
The Grinsteins Family
The Guerriero Family*
Roof Revolution*
The Hawkesworth Family
IST Solutions Plus
Erin Kelly
The Kruk Family
Andi Lluberes*
The Lyons Family*
Diana Macian MD*
Julius and Magbis Mayo*
Integrated Opening Solutions*
Ronald McGinty
Michael and Angie McWhirt
Eric and PJ Meyer
Charlie ’11 and Sarah ’12 Moore
Jennifer Murdock*
Network for Good
Luke and Laura Noble*
The Pash Family*
The Pearson Family*
Jonathan Peel
The Pruitt Family*
John and Lisa Quetti*
Patrice Shields
Karl Soderlund*
South Breeze Day Camp
Richard Townsend
Nancy Turner
Chad and Tyra Turner*
Ute Vandersluis*
The Vitelli Family*
Stuart and Kathleen Wallace*
The Werder Family*
Bryant and Dorothy Yunker

Friends Circle - $250 to $499
Affordable PetCare Hospital
Trey and Tori Brown ’15
Kimberly Alario
Ronald and Julie Aspegren
The Atkinson Family*
Charles and Patricia Baron
Robert and Margaret Bender
Andrea Bensi
Joseph Borremans
Haley Bossart ’16
Christina Brown*
David and Jodie Bruton
Kelly Chasnov
Jonathan and Alison Clayton*
David Collar*
Michael Collette
Tom G. Brown and Diane Condon
Richard Counts*
Alex and Gina Crevi*
Peter Davis
Craig Delongy
Heidi Devlin
Emanuele DiMundo
Johannes Donkersloot
The Eisenhuth Family*
Mark Fine
Kyle Foster
Dean Fredericks
Peter Frosini
Salvatore and Elizabeth Gaglio*
Luisa Gale
Alfred Garduna
Bobby Gianos
Janet Gough
Mike and Alecia Grandi*
Wealth Planning Group
The Haley Family*
David Hastings ’10
Mark Hastings ’14
Andrew Hinek
The Hussey Family*
Janice Jensen
Alexis Johnson ’21
William Jordan
Steve and Billie Jean Karterouliotis*
Bryce Keller
Nadia Keric
Michael Kingston
Nicholas Kinnas
David Koenig
Jonathan Kuester
Selva Kumar
The Lahti Family*
Philip LaManna
Robert Lambert
Andrea Leiner*
Laurie Longo*
Mark Marsala
Nancee Martin
Art McLeod
Stephanie Miller
The Mizwa Family*
Heather Moore
Niels Mossbeck
Doug Muyres
Matthew Nelson
Ricky Norris
Catherine Novy
Nuno Passarinho
Robert Powell
C. Reed Rollins
Tom Sawyer
David and Dollyne Sherman
Jon Shirer
Paul and Abbie Sladick
Brittany Snyder
Anthony and Ashley Solomon
Stella Stacker
Don Stephens
Thomas Stuart
Haleh Tabrah, MD*
James and Joann Talano*
The Giallombardo Theel Family*
Erik Tifft
The Townsend Family*
Harold and Kristi Tsai*
Various Alumni
The Vishio Family
Randall Whitson
The Wilson Family*
Perry Winter
Wanda Zaiser
Diego Zalewski
Todd and Sharon Zwicker*

Stingray Club - up to $249
Katina Henderson ’10
Dale and Nancy Adler
Michelle Alfrey
AmazonSmile Foundation
Nancy Amos
Keith Arndt
The Audrey Family*
Milena Ayala
Jason Baker
Mary Baron*
Christopher Beaton
Jesse and Sandy Bernstein
The Bluestein Family*
Dr. Joe Bord and Rabbi Nicole Luna
Bill and MaryZoe Bowden
Robin Bowers
Jesse Brady ’15
John and Alex Breault*
Doug and Debra Brown*
Blake Burchett ’16
Dylan Burchett ’11
Tyler Burchett ’14
Frank and Kristin Burden*
Alexander Butsky ’10
Cameron Buxton ’15
Saffron Buxton ’20
Alberto Ortiz and Sandra Callau*
William J. Carufe
Emmanuel Castelao
The Cecil Family
Brunes Charles ’10
Victor and Maureen Chiriguayo
Nikki Clark
Jan and Taina Class*
Monaco Clay ’10
Justin Coker ’17
Community Bag Program
The Conroy Family*
Helen Cooper
Gustavo Costa
Sophie Crawford
Jenny Cruz*
Michael and Mary Louise Cunningham
Jeanette Curvin
Duarte and Denise Da Silveira
Jerry and Terry Dalton
Ronald Darcy
Fanny Delgado
Bennie DeSalvo ’10
Samantha Dewling
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Donley, Jr.*
The Du Family*
Ridge Dulitz
Marty Durham
Tina Edwards
Carol Emerton
Michelle English
Elise Erickson ’10
Alex Farrow ’16
Jarod Farrow ’18
Lynda Farrow
Tay Fessenden
Alicia Fogarty
Brandon Forrest ’10
Brent and Jen Fox*
Michael and Lori Frino
Guillermo and Lucia Frizza*
The Hynes-Gallaghers*
Patricia Ganley-Cacanindin
Sal and Terry Gardino
Paul Garfold
Gartner, Inc.
Evan and Nicole Gawel
Dale and Kelly Geiger*
Owen Gemmer ’15
Bernadette Georges
Wellfit Girls
Luc Goemaere and Karen Wu*
Valerie Gonzalez ’15
Riley Gorman ’14
George and Nicole Grech
Celine Grilo
The Grimm Family*
Gem Grimshaw ’18
Todd and Lisa Grooms*
Corey and Megan Gustavus*
Bart and Kathryn Guthrie
Dylan and Brianna Hacker*
Robert and Melissa Harpster
The Heath Family*
The Heitmann Family*
Mark Hogan and Patricia Harper
Sharon Hood
Sabine Hopkins
Peter and Jennifer Huy*
Fern Jaffe
Jay Jenkins ’13
Ryan and Abby Jobe*
Alexia Johnson
Craig Johnson
Tonya Johnson*
The Hayden Fuller Family*
The Jokelas
Merrylee Kandel
Michele Kelly
Frank and Sherry Kraft
Ralph Krumins and Elizabeth Sheppard*
Patricia LaCarruba
Pedro Legrand and Leida Torres
Dalymar Legrand Torres ’13
Eduardo Lishner
Peter Lobona
Susan Lode
Amyrose LoMele
Brett and Simone Low*
Sylvie Lucki
Jean Luzinski
Mike Manley
Nancy Manley
Philippe Martin
Piper Matsumoto ’17
Steve and Nancy Mazula
John and Joanne McGarvey
Lisa McLaughlin*
The Meikle Family*
Mario Mendoza
Bob and Judy Mitchell
Darren and Risa Moore*
Cy and Claudia Morris*
Lisa Moschello
Debbie Mulroy
Marissa Murray ’17
Lana Myers
Chris and Samantha Navedo*
The Newsome Family*
Kristin Norkeliunas
Lisa Nowicki
Brian and Kathy O'Brien*
Tricia O’Connor*
Deborah O’Hara
Dennis and Maria O'Keefe*
Fabio and Giselle Oliveira
David Onorato and Nerea Lopez*
Daniel and Sarahi Ortiz
Chandra Parmiter*
Robert and Jennifer Paxton*
Nicholas and Justyna Pohl*
Eric Portella
Elizabeth Powitzky
Julia Reisman ’16
Rhodman Enterprises
Linda Rich
Jody and Adrian Rickert*
Rob and Mai Riley*
Tristan Rosal
Evelyn Ruiz
Linda Russetto
The Rustice Family*
Mr. and Mrs. David Schimmel
Meghan and Abby Schimmel*
Tami Schneider
Howard Schott and Amanda Sutton-Schott*
Melanie Schwartz
Kalika Shelar ’15
Rachel Shelar ’10
Brian and Angela Silverio*
Abbie Singleton
Edward and Deborah Skrzynski
Matt Smith
Roger Speheger*
Caron Staples
The Stapp Family*
Laurie Stevenson
Cate Stiffler ’15
The Timotheo Family*
Diane Toomey
Ally Topliff
Eleanor Torcello
Jennifer and Emma Townsend*
Kelly Townsend
Christopher Utz
Janice Ventura
Kim Walbert
William Walsh
The Walzer Family*
Lynda Waterhouse
Jill Wheeler
Bob Wickboldt, Jr.
Maria Winkler
Chris and Rae Young
Elizabeth Zangenberg
Jeffrey and Judy Zwicker

* Denotes a current Seacrest family