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Seacrest Annual Fund

A culture of giving is at the heart of a great educational institution.

Just as we ask our students to engage in their experience here at Seacrest, we also ask each member of our community to play an active role in delivering our mission. Because independent schools such as Seacrest operate without government funds, it is important to raise additional money each year, apart from tuition, to continue offering our students an exceptional learning environment. In addition to tuition, parents, alumni, grandparents, friends, community partners and outside constituents are asked to invest in the growth and enhancement of Seacrest through annual giving and special events.

We ask you to make annual giving to Seacrest's Annual Fund a top philanthropic priority each year. Gifts to the Seacrest Annual Fund support Seacrest’s operating budget, ensuring our students continue to receive an educational experience that will prepare them for the future. To learn more about the Seacrest Annual Fund, why you should give, and the impact your gift makes, visit The Seacrest Annual Fund page.

Making your gift to Seacrest is easy. We graciously accept:

  • Cash, check, or credit card donations
  • Wire Transfers
  • Matching Gifts
  • Appreciated Securities – This is a popular alternative way to give a cash gift because it avoids capital gains tax on securities held long-term and provides an income tax deduction equal to the fair-market value at the date of transfer. If you would like to use this option, please contact Heather Moore,

Your charitable and tax-deductible contribution to the Seacrest Annual Fund supports faculty and staff salaries, professional development, programs, campus maintenance and improvements, tuition assistance and more. We are grateful for your support!

In addition to monetary gifts, our active parent body graciously gives their time to a number of activities and events on campus. Seacrest would not be the inclusive and exciting community it is without the participation of our families in the lives of their children and the life of our school. The information below will help introduce you to some of the inherent differences and the particular responsibilities of independent school parents.

Your support of the Seacrest Fund has an immediate impact on our students, faculty, and programs. This effort is instrumental in allowing us to live and fullfill our mission. 

Steven Caruso Head of School

Frequently Unasked Questions

Why an Annual Fund?

If we raised our tuition to fully cover our operating costs, we would price ourselves higher than other independent and private schools in the area and beyond the means of many Seacrest families. In addition, your gifts to the Seacrest Fund are tax-deductible, while tuition is not.

While we can support the Seacrest Fund all year long, a gift you make in the fall allows us to use those dollars in the current school year to fund programs and educational experiences that will benefit your children today.

Healthy Annual Funds help create healthy schools. Seacrest’s Annual Fund is an effort by the entire community to support the people and programs that make Seacrest unique. We continually have 100% participation from our faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees, and teachers. Our goal this year is 100% participation at any level from all of our families. Your gift, large or small, honors Seacrest’s history and builds the future for our students for generations to come.

Giving Circles

Levels of Giving

Visionary Society
$100,000 and Up

Founders Society
$50,000 - $99,999

Trustees' Society
$25,000 - $49,999

Head of School Society
$5,000 - $24,999

1983 Club
$1,983 - $4,999

Stingray Club
Up to $1,982

Thank You to our 2023-24 Seacrest Fund Donors:
The Atkinson Family
The Baron Family
Jessie Bates
Bill and MaryZoe Bowden
The Byrom Family
The Cappella Family
The Caruso Family
Doug and Helen Conroy
The De Simone Family
The Dellora A. and Lester J. Norris Foundation
Donald and Cynthia Demitros
Bennie DeSalvo '10
Rob and Amber Donath
Jeffrie Earnest
Jason and Meghan Easterly
The Elgohary Family
Carolyn Elmore
Tom and Tami Franco
Steven and Sandra Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Santiago Garcia III
The Hon. and Mrs. Nathaniel M. Gorton and the Evans' Family
George Grech
Camilia Hammas
David Hastings '10
Mark Hastings '14
Carol Hastings
The Heddings Family
The Honick Family
David and Debra Huber
Austin '11 and Madison '12 Hunt
Samantha Hunter '13
The Hussey Family
The Johnson Family
The Koontz Family
Robert and Vera Lindabury
Joe and Candice Lopez
The Macian Reed Family
Lisa McLaughlin
Heather Moore
Lisa Moschello
Michael and Nancy O'Hara
Lynn Ogrosky
The Overman Family
The Panagakos Family
The Panetta Family
The Tiafierro Papabero Family
The Pestarino Family
The Grinsteins Family
Nick and Justyna Pohl
Chris and Cidney Fudge
Franklin Rudd and Cynthia Weirman
Linda Russetto
Rodd Schreiber and Susan Hasan-Schreiber
Bob and Susi Sebes
Cindy Sirois
Nicole Soderlund
Joseph G. Spano, MD P'94
Jennifer Summers
Steve and Amy Veneziano
Chris and Rae Young