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An Extraordinary Education Starts Here
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The Best Possible Learning Environment is Closer than You Think

Seacrest students are creators, innovators, leaders and lifelong learners who thrive in an inclusive community that values kindness, respect, integrity, curiosity, and responsibility.

Seacrest's innovative Pre-K through 12th Grade curriculum and passionate educators take students beyond the common boundaries of learning and help them understand and develop their unlimited potential.

Learning that Goes Beyond Test Scores

I've learned so much at Seacrest, not just what it means to be a good students, but what it means to be a great human.
~ Seacrest Graduate
Students Become Life-Long Learners

At Seacrest we believe that within each student is a source of unlimited potential and opportunity.

Leadership, ethics and character, creativity, and joy -guidedposts of our school culture- are woven through the curriculum and serve as the underlying principles of a Seacrest education.

Seacrest has been a leader in innovating Preschool-12th Grade education since 1983 with notable accolades that include being named the Teaching School of America for our integrative and future-focused curriculum.

At Seacrest students count and are counted upon; they know they are responsible for their words, actions, and attitudes. Our students feel respected and capable and they return that respect to their fellow students, teachers, and community, creating a safe environment for learning from both their successes and mistakes.




Lower School is a place of exploration and discovery where love of learning and empathy take root. 

Middle School


Our students are encouraged to be intellectual risk-takers, creative thinkers, and responsible members of their community.

Upper School


Upper school students dig deeper, and take ownership of their education as they prepare to boldly step into their futures to lead lives of significance.



Early Learning is a place where learning is experienced through joy, creativity, and play.