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Welcome to Seacrest Country Day School. As you navigate our website, we hope that you feel the power of our community and our academic program. Seacrest is highly mission-driven. We hold closely to our belief that, beginning in the youngest grades of our Lower School to senior year, learning is best done with full engagement and excitement—from students, teachers, and parents. We offer our students a truly unique experience led and inspired by the ways students learn best, and we offer our parents a true partnership that inspires lifelong learning in their child.

What makes Seacrest unique is its acknowledgement of and dedication to each child as an individual. Individuals who want to be known and their talents recognized. Every day, we challenge our students to express their ideas and opinions, to expand their horizons, to gain perspective and compassion, to take responsibility for their experiences, to prepare, and sometimes, to fail. At Seacrest, we are risk-takers and problem solvers, but ultimately, we are friends and leaders.

Seacrest is a vibrant community of learners—students, teachers and parents. Our families understand that we are in partnership together to develop confident, independent thinkers who will leave our campus inspired and ready to make change in an ever-changing world.


Schedule a tour with our Enrollment Office to look closer at our school and decide for yourself.

“Seacrest taught me how to think for myself; to be creative, to think unconventionally. This ability to think critically was important to my academic success at Emory and even more significant
to my career."
— Alex Baumgartner '08