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A Seacrest education is a true partnership among teachers, administrators and families, which provides a strong and transparent relationship between school and home.

Once your child is enrolled at Seacrest, you become family—a member of a community of parents who have made an investment in their child’s education. Together with parents, we share a commitment to raising empowered, self-aware children. We take our role and responsibility seriously and this partnership is supported throughout divisions.

Seacrest prides itself on developing meaningful relationships with our students and our parents. The relationship between parents and the school is one of reciprocity. Seacrest provides services and communications and our parents provide their time and talents. Seacrest fosters opportunities for parents to become engaged members of our community through opportunities of purpose.

The Seacrest Parent Association (S.P.A.) is dedicated to the healthy growth, development and well-being of Seacrest Country Day School through building community, fostering education and nurturing the spirit of the School's social life.

There are no applications or dues to be a member of the S.P.A. Each family is automatically a member. Your involvement is valued and encouraged.

Executive Officers


Every Seacrest parent is a member of the Seacrest Parent Association. Led by the Executive Board of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, the Parents Association provides opportunities for parents to work together in support of Seacrest.

Naomi Smith

Vice President
Allison Pezzuti

Amy McGowan

Chrislande and Kerry Dera

Meeting Dates


September 16th
8:00 a.m.

S.P.A. Kickoff Meeting
Breakfast will be served

October 21st
Time TBD

S.P.A. Meeting

January 13th
Time TBD

S.P.A. Meeting

March 3rd
Time TBD

S.P.A. Meeting

April 28th
Time TBD

S.P.A. Meeting and Elections