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Community is strong at Seacrest. When you are here, you are family.

Seacrest isn't just a school, it is a place where our children spend a majority of their childhood and adolescence. Because of this, Seacrest becomes a partnership between faculty, students, parents, and even grandparents and extended family.

Why do we say that Parents are Partners at Seacrest? Because with our philosophy of whole-child development, a strong relationship between home and school is critical.

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"When you’re walking down the halls at Seacrest, you never see an unfamiliar face. It’s always the same people every single day and it feels like a family because you know everyone is."Olivia Lopez

Seacrest is a great place to get involved. We encourage our students to get involved in clubs and activities, and our parents to get involved in the Seacrest Parents Association, Rowdy Rays Athletics Boosters, or the Arts Boosters. There are also plenty of chances to volunteer, attend events, or get involved in fund raising.