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  • Varsity - Jan Class
  • Junior Varsity
  • Middle School - Tyra Turner & Patricia Daugherty
  • Assistant Coaches - Valerie Gonzalez

Varsity - Jan Class

In 2013, Jan Class came to Seacrest as the junior varsity and assistant varsity coach. He assumed the role of head coach during the 2013 district tournament . The team, under his coaching, went on to win the 2013 Class 2A State Championship, the first volleyball state championship for any school in Collier County and the first state championship for Seacrest. In the fall of 2014, he joined the community as a parent. Jan went on to take the 2014 varsity team back to the state tournament. Jan has an extensive background coaching volleyball all over the world that spans more than 25 years. Click here for a full bio on his volleyball experience.

Junior Varsity -

Middle School Co-Head Coach - Tyra Turner




Middle School Co-Head Coach - Patricia Daugherty