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Girls Swimming & Diving

Head CoachTrey Brown

Assistant Coach (Diving) - Troy Kahles

Hello Swimmers & Divers,  

The Swimming & Diving seasons are here. I hope that you had an exciting and restful summer! Seniors, this is your year to strive for excellence and be the leader of your team. Juniors and Sophomores, this is your year to continue to get better and train harder to achieve your goals. Freshman, this is your year to pull off the unexpected. 

- Be sure to submit your physicals and required forms to the School prior to attending the first practice 

- Appropriate swim gear is required to enter the pool. Gym shorts are not swim trunks! Please make sure you have a swim cap, swim goggles and swim suit. 

- All Swimmers & Divers are required to bring a water bottle to practice. We train very hard and athletes dehydrate quickly in swimming pools. It is important to stay hydrated to be safe and to achieve the best workout possible. 

Here are some cardio workouts you can do when you are not swimming.

Cardio Builder:

Monday & Thursday - 30-45 Min Run 

Tuesday & Friday - Workout 

Wednesday - Rest 


- 5 Min Jog in Place Warm up

- 1 min on/30 Seconds rest. Repeat Three times

1. Mountain Climbers 

2. Plank

3. Sit ups

4. Flutter Kicks on back 

5. Lunges 

6. Squats with Jump

7. High Knees

8. Leg lifts

9. Push up (To failure during 1 min)

10. Run in Place (90% effort) 

Cool Down Stretch 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing everyone. 

Girls Swimming & Diving