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Girls Soccer


Varsity - Louise Pearson

United States Soccer Federation E, F, D Licensed Coach
Plus other qualifications based around sports psychology, injury and nutrition.  I believe that I can always improve and learn and actively keep up to date on the latest training and initiatives in sports.

My philosophy is that the development of the players is more important than winning.  If I can guide a student to learn about themselves and become better citizens then I have done my job.  My aim is for the girls to have fun, become part of a team that supports one another and achieve their own personal goals.  I am not perfect and will undoubtedly make mistakes but I will always try to be my best.

5 years Coaching Soccer in the USA from grassroots to competitive
Coached Club for 5 years, winning several tournaments and leagues with a U12 Girls team.
Coached Seacrest Girls Varsity Since the 19/20 Season.

I represented my High School in Field and Track winning the High Jump, ShotPut, 100M and 400M at district level.  I was also the Captain for a team sport called Netball (similar to basketball).  We were the only school to win the double (district league and tournament) for 5 consecutive years running during my time.  I played Goal Attack which is one of the 2 goal-scorers.  I was also the Captain of the Field Hockey team for 2 years.

My athletic career from the age of 6 was based around the Equestrian world as Soccer was not really accessible to girls when I was young.  I spent my free time riding and competing in events across the Country and did capitalized from this.

I was raised in the UK in a huge soccer family and spent many a wet morning watching either my dad or brother playing soccer and more often than not,  wishing I was out there.  The nearest I got to playing was, street soccer, against my brother and his friends.  We moved to the USA in 2012 and our Son Max has been at Seacrest since Pre K.