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Boys Soccer


  • Varsity - David Pearson
  • Assistant Coach - Spencer Reese
  • Middle School - Ridge Dulitz

Varsity - David Pearson

My name is David Pearson and I am excited to be your Seacrest varsity head soccer coach.

I am from the UK and played football (soccer)at a Semi Professional Level. I played soccer from the age of 11, playing up a year every season.

At 14 I was asked to join Oldswinford FC for the U16’s, at this point I was already guest playing in an adult league. I finally retired playing when I was 37. I played predominantly in center of mid-field and defense, I had an uncanny knack of reading play and this role enabled me to have an influence on the game. Hard to believe but I was a very nippy right winger for many seasons and as any of my U10 team from last year will tell you I can still beat them in a 50 yards dash. Over my career I played numerous positions including Centre Forward, Center Midfield, Centre Half and Full Back and even played one season as Goal Keeper.

Highlights of my playing career were winning leagues and tournaments, scoring goals and I even had a club pay a transfer fee for me (my highlight of that particular season).

I have coached at Club level for Florida Fire Juniors for 5 years and took our U12 Boys team to Regional Commissioners Cup Final in recent years. I am currently Operations Manager for our new club, Florida West FC, having served in this position for 2 years prior with FFJ.

I am US Soccer Federation F, E, D and C Licensed.

I am looking forward to meeting you all out on the field soon and hope to have a great season with you.

I hope to improve every player as an individual which will lead to the Team playing well and improving.

See you out on the field!