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Strength & Training

Seacrest has a full-time athletic trainer on staff to provide students with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Our strength and conditioning program is run by Mario Mendoza, CSCS.

The program is focused on four sport-specific aspects of training:

  • Resistance training
  • Conditioning
  • Speed/power
  • Agility/stability

The program provides:

  • Developing major muscle groups and strengthening smaller muscles
  • Personalized, sport-specific exercises and routines
  • Focus on form and injury prevention
  • High-intensity intervals mixed with strength training
  • Understanding how to use equipment in safe manner

Mr. Mendoza also conducts a summer strength and conditioning program for all Seacrest Middle and Upper School students, regardless if they participate on a Seacrest athletic team. This program also focuses on the training aspects and exercises listed above. This program runs concurrently with Seacrest Summer Camps.

Athletic Trainer:
Julie Bigelow

Strength & Conditioning
Mario Mendoza