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Visual Arts

Visual arts move beyond the studio and into our classrooms as our students create cross-curricular projects.

The visual arts department at Seacrest gives students the opportunity to express themselves creatively. Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten, students attend art classes, but creativity and individuality is woven throughout our academic curriculum.

In the Lower School, students are required to take art and activities are an extension of work in the classroom. Students collaborate on group projects, cross-divisional projects with older students, and projects within the community. Students gain an appreciation for art history and the works of art masters.

As students move to the Middle School and Upper School, courses are designed to build on foundational studies and ignite and expand each artist's interest. Using drafting, rendering, graphic design, architectural design, 3-D projects, photography, mixed media, installation art, and interactive art, students acquire a rich understanding of the language of art and design. Students are encouraged to analyze case studies, look for cultural implications and social impact, and give voice through visual expression.

In May, our Upper School students combine their art skills with business for Art in the Park. At this event students set up booths, like an art fair, and sell their work to the public. They are required to brand their business, create pricing, and market their work.


Seacrest Prepared me to be a leader in general. Whether at work, in the recording studio, or anywhere I go, I've noticed my leadership qualities coming through since I left Seacrest."

Sydney Richards '15 Recording Artist

Art begins in Baby Rays. Preschool through 5th grade students travel to the Lower School art room three times per week. Middle School students are required to take art class three times per week. Upper School students may choose art electives in visual art, digital art, AP Art, and Portfolio Art.