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Art is Everywhere

Tap Into Your Creativity

Curiosity, Creativity, and Self-awareness

Seacrest Arts

The curiosity, creativity, and self-awareness fostered through Seacrest's Art program prepares students to fearlessly adapt and flourish in our rapidly-evolving world.

The device you are reading this on, the house your family calls home and the car you drive your children to school in all began as a concept in the mind of an artist. Through Seacrest Arts, students explore their worlds through theory, appreciation, and practice in comprehensive arts modalities to gain the confidence and skills needed to turn their ideas into reality.

Students embrace Seacrest’s comprehensive PreK-12th grade performing, visual, media, and music arts coursework with the same enthusiastic diligence as their classwork in the sciences, language, and mathematics. By prioritizing process over results and discovery above output, students learn to take risks and see opportunities where problems once existed — skills that will prepare them to be invaluable collaborators in crafting our future world. Our art educators are not only masterful artists themselves but passionate educators whose vocation is fostering creative growth and artistic excellence in our students.

At Seacrest students don't have to choose between volleyball or visual arts, chemistry, or choir, their school days offer the breadth and space to explore and develop the skills and confidence they will need to adapt and flourish beyond the classroom. While some students may build on the solid foundation they receive at Seacrest for higher learning and a career in the arts, others may find their passion for architecture while building a set for a school play or realize an interest in physics through exploring the core elements of visual arts.




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