Volunteers in the Spotlight at Special Flag Ceremony

Volunteers in the Spotlight at Special Flag Ceremony
Volunteers in the Spotlight at Special Flag Ceremony

People packed the courtyard for one of the most important Flag Ceremonies of the year - Volunteer Appreciation Day.

Students with signs lined the courtyard as other Seacrest students personally thanked the numerous parent and community volunteers who have contributed their time and talents to our school this year.

Every Seacrest volunteer earned a special personalized lanyard and pin marking their volunteerism to our school. It is our hope that volunteers will have their lanyards covered in pins by the time their child graduates from Seacrest.

Seacrest senior Julia Tribuiani prepared a special speech to thank our volunteers. We're reprinting it below.

Welcome to our Volunteer Appreciation Flag Ceremony. We are so grateful for each of you and the support you have given us. My name is Julia Tribuiani and I am a Seacrest lifer. I have been attending Seacrest my whole life. My experience here would not have been the same without all of our amazing parents and friends volunteering to make Seacrest the best it can be.

I am currently a senior and this is my 14th year attending Seacrest. Volunteers have been a huge part of my years here. I remember in kindergarten and 1st grade, parents used to come into class and read to us. Or in 3rd grade when parents would help us with arts and crafts for the Auction. Even in 5th grade, parents would be there to help with class projects and end of year parties. From prekindergarten all the way through 12th grade, parents have been part of my Seacrest journey. Even in Upper School with things like Heritage Luncheon, speakers and big school events. When parents volunteer their time to help out with field trips, coffee cart, toy drives, plays, and as guest speakers, it adds to our curriculum. Volunteers have always been part of the Seacrest community and I will always remember their love in donating their time to us.

Thank you,