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As alumni, you've experienced first hand the impact of a Seacrest education. Each year, Seacrest raises funds through the Annual Fund to sustain and enhance our students' experience. Your gift, in any amount, to Seacrest's Annual Fund supports initiatives that define the Seacrest experience and creates opportunities for generations to come.

Like all independent schools, Seacrest's tuition doesn't pay for the entire cost to educate our students. We depend on the gracious donations from donors like you to make up the difference. It takes a collaborative effort by the entire Seacrest community to raise funds every year.


Thank You to Our
2018-2019 Annual Fund Donors

This report gratefully acknowledges gifts received between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. Please send any errors to

Leadership Giving Circles
Generous gifts exceeding $1,000 are considered Leadership Gifts and are critical to the success of The Seacrest Annual Fund.

Legacy Circle - $25,000+
Trustees Circle - $10,000+
Head of School Circle - $7,500+
Founders Circle - $6,000+
Stingrays Circle - $3,000+
1983 Society - $1,983+
Leadership Lane Circle - $1,000+
Blue and Green Circle - $500+
Friends Circle - Up to $499

Legacy Circle
Tom and Susan Murray
John and Rachel Paz*

Trustee Circle
David and Debra Huber
Juliana Meek '95
Michael and Nancy O'Hara
John and Angelika Schmieding*
John and Kris Worthington

Stingrays Circle
Bellestri Family*
Counts Family*
John and Paula Covelli*
Jay Bridgers and Soofia Khan*
Jeff and Trish Erickson
Carol Hastings and Patrick Fitzgerald
Bill and Barbara Jones
MacDonald and Miller* Families
Dan Menelly
Metzger Family*
Nicole Sebes*
Robert and Susi Sebes
Wells Fargo

1983 Society
A Better Life Chiropractic*
Broader Family*
Tom and Patti Cauchon*
The Leithauser Family*
Dellora A. and Lester J. Norris Foundation
Bill and Joyce O'Meara

Leadership Lane Circle
Jo Ellen Atkinson Fund
Dr. Joel and Janelle Bohemier*
Bozarth Family*
The C.E. Brehm Foundation
Chris Celano '10
Dr. Richard and Kyla de Asla*
Panache and Jan Desai*
Eckhardt Family*
Jay and Anne Feldman*
Giallombardo-Theel Family*
Grilo Family*
Jim Hunt and Catherine Little-Hunt*
Jones Family*
Obayedur Khan, M.D. and Salma Khan*
Kruk Family*
Miguel and Cynthia Madariaga*
Manierre Family*
Glenn and Denise Miller*
Nassif Family*
Newsome Family
Anthony and Ashley Solomon*
Timmerman Family*
Tucker Family*
Turner Family*
Conrad and Erin Williams*

Blue and Green Circle
Dr. Larry and Tracey Albert*
Audrey Family*
Bender Family*
Brandt Family*
Steven and Pamela Caruso*
Lori Collar*
Crespo Family*
Erin Duffy
Florida Elite Basketball
Noel Harrington
Timo and Valerie Khammash*
David and Jennifer LeMay
Longo Family*
Douglas Meester
Stuart and Stephanie Miller
Tom and Robin Mizwa*
Jake Noch '18
Pash Family*
Plumb Family*
Purtle Family*
The Caleel Family Foundation
The Savoretti's '11
Reinhold and Mary Schmieding
Rikki Townsend '12
Walden Family*
Felipe and Eleanor Weingartt
David and Karen Wilkinson

Friends Circle
Affordable PetCare Hospital*
Michelle Alfrey*
Nancy Amos
Lisa Andreacchio*
Keith Arndt
Eva Aspegren*
Kevin Aspegren*
Ron and Julie Aspegren
Milena Ayala
Barbara Barton
Julia Basile '16
Laura Jones Bates '08
Andy Beights
Sean Bennett and Amyrose LoMele
Jesse and Sandy Bernstein
Rebecca Best
Julie Bigelow
Pete and Lorie Bitzel*
Jeff and Jennifer Bluestein*
Nicholas Bodell '08
Kat Boll '12
Bill and Lisa Bonello*
Brett Boreham '15
Brett Boreham '15
Rob and Jenny Boreham*
Dr. Joseph Bord
Haley Bossart '16
Bill and MaryZoe Bowden
Rachel Bowden '10
Brown Family*
Doug and Debra Brown*
Richard Brown '15
Trey Brown '15
Angela Brown-Burchett
Bruton Family*
Jessica Bryant '08
Emily Budd '05
Ryan and Emily Bullens
Blake Burchett '16
Dylan Burchett '11
Tyler Burchett '14
Katie Burns '11
Cameron Buxton '15
Byrom Family*
Café Nutrients owned by Ming Yee '14
Caprioni Family*
Bill Carufe
Cassano Family*
David and Danielle Cepero*
Brunes Charles '10
Madison Cilk '16
Courtney Clark '14
Alison Clayton*
Megan Clayton*
Justin Coker '17
Calvin Curvin '10
Jeanette Curvin
Cueto Family*
David and Claudia D'Alessandro*
Jerry and Terry Dalton
Tyler and Patchi Daugherty*
Elizabeth Davis '17
Tori Davis '15
Anthony DeLuca and Lynne Buxton*
Tom DeMarchi*
Chelsea DeRose '10
Bennie DeSalvo '10
Bill and Jodie DeSalvo
Señor Dial
DiNorcia Family*
Donato DiNorcia '13
Matthew DiNorcia '17
Kristine Duke
Marty and Tim Durham
Kerrie Durham '12
Trevor Durham '08
Dominic Egan '15
Jason and Meghan Easterly*
Karen Eldred
Carol Emerton
Michelle English
Earnest Family*
Farrow Family
Lisa Federico
Adam Feins '21
Anna Feins '15
Elizabeth Feins '13
Jonathan and Amy Feins*
Oliver Feins '15
Catherine Flanagan '00
Foley Family*
Michael Foor '10
Frizza Family*
Madison Galligan '12
Susan Garwood
Owen Gemmer '15
Brenda Gibbon*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Goebel*
Valerie Gonzalez '15
Grandi Family*
George and Nicole Grech
Shanon Greenfield
Brittany Griffin '09
Hamilton Family*
Harpster Family*
David Hastings '10
Mark Hastings '14
Christopher and Rosie Hatwell*
Brian and Melissa Hemmert*
Scott and Lisa Hicks*
Geoff Hitchon and Shaelea Alvarez '04*
Mark Hogan and Patricia Harper
Erin Homuth '15
Hopfinger Family*
Austin Hunt '11
Peter and Jennifer Huy*
Hynes-Gallagher Family*
Austin Jennings '10
Ryan Jobe and Abby Krembs*
Johnson Family*
Brittany Jokela '18
Chris Keeler
Kindergarten Friend
Sage Kliewe '15
Penny Kline*
Randy and Maria Klinck
Bryan and Martine Landry*
Jorge and Donna Marie Laureano
Lauritsen Family*
Adison Lax
Dalymar Legrand '13
Michelle Leidy
Kari Lightner '09
Eduardo Lishner
Pedro Lopez
Brett and Simone Low*
Sylvie Lucki
Diana Macián, MD*
Mike Manley
Mark and Jennifer Marsala
Meghan Marsala '14
Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Mazula
Megan McCombs
Mario Mendoza
Merrell and Rhoads Family*
Debra Merwin
Pj and Eric Meyer
Micheline Family*
Raymond and Florence Micheline
Alex Miller '08
Christin Minder*
Judy Mitchell
Heather Moore
Cy and Claudia Morris*
John and Patti Mulligan
Ann Murphy '12
Marissa Murray '17
Myers Family*
Charlotte Newell '12
Mike and Denise Nieman*
Kristin Norkeliunas
Barbara Oakley
O'Bryon Family*
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher O'Connell*
Isabella O'Connor '17
Tricia O'Connor*
Abigail O'Hara '16
Sam O'Hara '14
Jose and Antonia Ortiz
OB Osceola*
Ryan and Heidi Overman*
Chandra Parmiter*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paxton*
Samantha Paxton '13
Robert and Lisa Pearl*
Pediatric Dentistry of Naples*
Joe and Zoe Pergolizzi '12
Nate Pino '09
Larry and Cindy Pivacek*
Nicholas and Justyna Pohl*
Judy Poorbaugh*
Jim Prozzi and Margaret Bryant
David Prue '13
Wyatt Pruitt*
Elizabeth Urankar Ransom '12
Robert Reinbold '11
Linda A. Rich
Caroline and Bill Richards*
Sydney Richards '15
Sydney Richardson*
Riley Family*
Josue rivera '17
C. Reed Rollins
Bond Roth '10
Michael Rubinton '12
Will and Teresa Rucker*
Rustice Family*
Joe and Linda Ryan
Katey Ryan '17
Missy Ryan '17
Sandra Sahli*
Dan and Kellie Salain*
Cody Satinsky*
Annalisa Savoretti '11
John Scalli '17
David and Debi Schimmel
Meghan and Abby Schimmel*
Shelar Family*
Patrice Shields
Somang Shim '14
Sibert Family*
Sieber Family*
Brian and Angie Silverio*
Doc and Mary Simonovsky
Howard Schott and Amanda Sutton-Schott*
Shlasinger Family*
Wesley '01 and Naomi Smith*
Roger Speheger*
SportsBoats Marine, Inc.
Harry and Bea Standhart
Dr. Caron Staples
Stapp Family*
Stepanovich Family*
Catherine Kelley Stiffler '15
Cameron Thorne '17
Gordon and Carol Timmerman
Karen Tolchin*
Jayrinette Toledo '17
Jennifer Townsend*
Jaclyn Traina
Joseph Tribuiani '17
Tronnier Family*
Vandersluis Family*
Ryan Vasallo '12
Jason and Nicole Vishio*
Kim Walbert
Jenny Warnken '11
Coleson Weir '18
Jeff and Cindy Weir*
Donna Weir-Mosel
Demi Werab '12
Blake Werab '13
Tina Westervelt*
Russ and Jamie Wheeler*
Abby Worthington '18
Tom and Alana Wriggins*
Ming Yee '14
Chris and Rae Young
Zellers Family*
Lanjing Zheng '15
Charley and Gail Zimmer
Jeffrey and Judith Zwicker
Todd and Sharon Zwicker*

* Denotes a current Seacrest family

Thank you donors! Your gift to the 2018 Seacrest Annual Fund is a direct investment impacting the education of every child at Seacrest and helps ensure our mission-driven legacy for years to come.