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The Alumni and the Advancement Office inspires and cultivates meaningful relationships and expressions of support within our community of Seacrest Alumni.

2nd Annual
Alumni Week of Engagement
May 1-7, 2021

Please join your fellow classmates and alumni in participating in the 2nd Annual Alumni Week of Engagement. Alumni Week of Engagement is an opportunity to stay connected with Seacrest. This can be achieved several ways by sharing your Seacrest experience, volunteering in the Seacrest community, and through financial support. 


We received a match from a generous alumni family that will allow for us to triple the donations that come in, and add monetary value to alumni 'engagements' such as social media likes/comments, Throwback Thursday photo submissions, Teacher Appreciation Notes, Testimonials, Attending an Event, etc!

All donations during our annual Alumni Week of Engagement will support the STEAM Center and initiatives at Seacrest.

For more information about the STEAM Center, click here.

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Teacher Appreciation Testimonial



"I am so incredibly grateful for my time at Seacrest. It's rare to find a community of individuals who support you in all of your endeavors and push you to be the best you can be, and that is exactly what I found at Seacrest. Since I first began attending the school in fourth grade, I was surrounded by peers and faculty who saw potential in every student. Once I discovered my passion for sustainability, the possibilities to explore this passion were boundless. I was able to engage in internships, help establish a school garden, and even co-teach a sustainability class. That's part of the beauty of attending a small school; each student has the resources and personal support to really blossom into confident, capable individuals. The sense of community at Seacrest promotes exploration by enabling students to dabble in different activities and find what best suits their interests. This is why it's so common to see Seacrest students who are top athletes also be highly involved in the music or robotics programs. Thank you, Seacrest!" - Madison Cilk '16

"I will be graduated from Franklin & Marshall College Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in French and Sociology after having served as the president of 3 separate clubs as well as having served as the Chapter President of the Iota Psi chapter of my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. I will be continuing my education at Boston College working towards my Master's in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in Student Affairs. At the same time I will also be working at MIT as their Student Conduct Educator. Without Seacrest showing me that leadership takes many forms and that sometimes the quietest people can make the best leaders, I would not have accomplished as much as I did while at F&M. Seacrest showed me that not everyone has just one passion. My interests span from languages, to music, to social sciences and Seacrest taught me that there is a way to pursue them all. Seacrest also taught me that there is a way to balance everything you want to do. A busy schedule does not mean I am spread too thin, in fact it means that I am involved and well-rounded. I am thankful to all the lessons Seacrest taught me both in and out of the classroom. Seacrest was where I found my passion in French as well as school administration and without my Seacrest experience, I would not have become the confident leader I am today." - Abigail O'Hara '16

"Good 4 years of school." - Josue Rivera '17

"In my years of school leading up to attending Seacrest I was tortured by my peers physically and mentally. I had just about given up on the world and everything I ever loved. Until the day I met some people playing baseball over summer who attended Seacrest and I immediately could tell that they were different. They didn’t judge me they genuinely wanted to get to know me. This was something I hadn’t felt in a long time. The upcoming school year I attended Seacrest for the first time as a junior and began to regain confidence in myself I even was able to take baseball to the next level to play in college thanks to my teammates who supported me and wanted to see me get better. I went from being cut from my high school team and being told “you’ll never be big enough or good enough to play baseball in high school” to playing beyond all because the people around me at Seacrest from students to teachers showed me that somebody, somewhere actually cared about me for once. So that’s my Seacrest experience, I went into the school as a broken child and left with a family." - Timothy Flynn '13

"My four years at Seacrest were some of the best of my life. Every teacher was committed to helping me succeed. I was encouraged to try anything and everything that might interest me; from Key Club to sailing. Seacrest also attracted some of the most kindhearted and supportive students that I’m still friends with to this day; after 9 years of knowing them. Seacrest was a place that allowed me to fail in a nurturing environment, helping me to grow and succeed in the long run. In short, it’s the people that made Seacrest a truly unique and wonderful school. Because of those people, I’ll have fond memories of Seacrest for a lifetime." - Brett Boreham '15

"I joined Seacrest in 8th grade and quickly realized that this was the academic experience I never knew I needed. I can promise you that I never would have ended up where I am if Seacrest hadn't been an integral part of my story. My first college tour as a freshman took me to the University of Richmond, where I later attended and graduated. Seacrest taught me to challenge myself, to speak out about what matters, and to harness my determination for good. I still talk about my teachers from Seacrest as being people who shaped and changed my life. Mr. Schott challenged my thinking and changed my view of the world. Mrs. Duffy was not only my grammar teacher but also the most sincere and genuine leader I have encountered. There's magic in the air at Seacrest and it goes without saying that this institution can make miracles happen." - Chelsea DeRose '10

"I have such vivid, incredible memories of the cheering squad that showed up and supported the volleyball team for our home games (and away games too!). SCDS volleyball will always hold a special place in my heart. The chants and cheers and moral support made such a big difference. I actually still have dreams that its game day and I forgot my knee pads (these dreams come from real experiences haha). Also...let’s not forget about the parents. Special shoutout to Leida Legrand for the best pre-game cooking everrrr!" - Rachel Bowden Shelar '10

"Congratulations to my Kindergarten Seniors...Daniel, Ryan, Sydney, Tyler, Michael and Carolina! When I retired in 2017, I wondered what does one do with all the knowledge and experience one acquires during the past forty years of teaching? Though there has been little time to relax and reflect as Irma occurred two months into retirement, it still perplexed me. The past two months of staying home actually helped me realize the answer as I started cleaning out closets. I discovered so many memories (and a few gift cards) that I had tucked away. Photos, thank you cards and Christmas cards were filled with so many thoughtful and kind words that I realized I had left my legacy with all of my wonderful students, their families and dear faculty members. I read notes that were filled with such heartfelt love and memories that I had never actually forgotten but had tucked away. I now know my legacy has been left and shaped with all of you. It might be something small, perhaps something that changed who you are. I hope those memories are still in your hearts and last you a lifetime, as they are also forever in mine! Love, Mrs. Gardino" - Terry Gardino

"I am incredibly grateful for my time at Seacrest. I was academically prepared to transition to Davidson—one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country which is notorious for its workload.
My growth at Seacrest was more than just about academics, however. Mrs. Duffy, Mr. Schott, and various other faculty members helped me find appreciation for my identity and helped me learn how to navigate life with my identity. My experience at Seacrest has truly changed my life."
- Alan Morales Loyola '17

Welcome, Alumni!

The Seacrest Alumni Association is THE place to connect with classmates, share updates about your life, attend fantastic alumni events, and follow fellow Stingrays on social media.

Established in 2013, the Seacrest Alumni Association is coordinated by Ally Topliff, Alumni Relations Coordinator and Advancement Associate.

Ally Topliff
Ally Topliff

DYK? The first graduating class from the Upper School walked the stage in 2008, but before the Upper School many graduates completed their Seacrest education in eighth grade.

We welcome both our Upper School and Middle School graduates to the Alumni Association and we look forward to your involvement!

Here are ways you can stay connected: