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Welcome from Head of Upper School

Dear Upper School Families,

I am delighted to be taking over as Upper School Head at Seacrest, formally in July 2020. It has been a privilege to serve alongside the other members of the Upper School Leadership team as we have navigated the turbulent waters of the past months. We are going to move ahead with direction and purpose under the leadership of our Interim Head of School, Mr. Aspegren. The point of Seacrest is the cultivation of character and intellect, and the achievement of distinction in its manifold forms, taking into account the cultivation of the whole child. This is hard enough to do at the best of times, and amid the interesting permutations of a public health pandemic, the challenge becomes even more stimulating.

Now the truth is that every school will use the rhetoric of excellence, treating students as individuals and so forth. The difference is that at Seacrest we have really thought critically about it. Academic distinction does not come solely from excellent teachers, rigorous curriculum or from committed, able and curious students, but rather it arises from the relationship between all three. What makes an outstanding teacher is the ability to foster a meaningful relationship with a child. Relationships build excellence. The means are secondary vehicles: whether classrooms, virtual meetings or whatever.

This is why I am confident that Seacrest will build academic distinction whether or not we are forced to be flexible in our methods by events. Not every relationship will be perfect, and strengthening relationships is painstaking, slow work. We won’t get it right every time. But, our relationships at Seacrest are resilient. Your children have advisors and teachers who know them and who are on their side. If we have to be on the phone, helping kids to start the day in a quarantine, we will be there. The test is not when things are going swimmingly, but when your kids fall down and need a helping hand. We will be there.

We are immensely looking forward to welcoming your children onto campus. We endeavor to be prudent, careful with health concerns, and flexible regarding the learning needs and situation of each student.  Of course, there is always a lot more to say, and I look forward to introducing myself and our prospectus personally, but for now I remain

Very truly yours,

Dr. Joe Bord (BA., M.St. Oxon, PhD Cantab.)
Head of Upper School

Head of Upper School, Joe Board