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In Seminar, students are actively taught how to understand and apply ethical frameworks in the decision-making process. They learn the privileges and responsibilities of being a member of a community and are required to exercise those responsibilities daily.

Seminar focuses on a different topic depending upon grade level. Freshmen study “Community, Responsibility, Respect, and the Individual”; sophomores study “Moral Reasoning and Rational Decision Making”; juniors take “Ethics and the Great Religious Traditions”; and seniors participate in a College Counseling workshop in the fall and “Agape and the History of Love” in the spring.

Here are some questions directed to students:

  • "What creates community?"
    "What is meant by integrity?"
    "How do we decide what to do when two apparent "right" decisions are in conflict?"
    "How do the five major faiths treat death?"
    "What is marriage and how has it changed over centuries?"
    "What is the relationship between love and service? Love and humility?"