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Peer Mentor

Peer Mentor

This program has been a success at Seacrest for more than two decades.

Peer Mentoring pairs older and younger students together so that they can get to know each other and support each other at different phases in their educational journey.

Upper School students are paired with Middle School students with similar interests or personalities. Students meet and have lunch and hang out a few times each month. 

Seniors also have 5th grade buddies who they meet with several times a month. Fifth grade students love their buddies and often come to Varsity sporting events, Upper School plays, and other events to support them. Likewise you can often see older students attending important events that younger students are involved in.

Our Lower School classes often have buddies between different grade levels who read together or create fun projects.

You can see the success of this program at events where students greet and support each other in all different ages.

"Peer Mentoring gives a younger child a hero to look up to and an older child a chance to remember where they've come from and to be kind. Putting ourselves into others' shoes will always build a more understanding community. "Meg Easterly

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Upper school students dig deeper, and take ownership of their education as they prepare to boldly step into their futures to lead lives of significance.