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Our Values

Seacrest Country Day School is a college preparatory Early-Learning through Grade 12 school in Naples, Fla., committed to fueling intellectual engagement, teaching ownership of the educational experience, cultivating quality of character, and inspiring students to lead lives of significance.

We Strive…

Seacrest Upper School Culture and Values

In 2003, Seacrest Country Day School established an upper school in which students would be treated with respect and provided with opportunities to earn trust, to learn, and to love learning. As members of the Seacrest Upper School, we strive to be the embodiment of this vision and the continuation of the culture and values of this school not only inside our Upper School community, but at our homes and elsewhere as well.  To accomplish this goal, we include the following tenets in our academic and athletic endeavors, and our daily actions inside and outside of school:

  1. Integrity & Respect

    1. Academics: 

      1. This is the Honor Code that we abide by for all academic work: “I have neither given nor received improper aid in the preparation of this assignment or in the completion of this test or examination. Unless properly attributed to others, the work is exclusively my own.” 

      1. We recognize the amount of work our teachers put into class preparation. We show our respect to them by being prompt, engaged, and prepared.

    1. Athletics: 

      1. We respect our coaches, team, officials, andrules as well as those of other schools. 

      1. We have respect for our competitors and accept their traditions.

    1. Community:

      1. We respect our campus and our school’s mission statement and try to fulfill it to our best ability. The mission statement is as follows:

Seacrest Country Day School fuels intellectual engagement, teaches ownership of the educational experience, cultivates quality of character, and inspires students to lead lives of significance.

      1. We respect our elders, family, peers, and school rules. 

    1. Social Media:

      1. We only say things on social media that we would be comfortable saying in public.

      1. We will not be bystanders if we witness online bullying and we will stand up for our peers.

  1. Responsibility & Accountability

    1. Academics: 

      1. We meet deadlines, give proper credit, listen and respect others’ opinions even if we disagree, attend class, and take accountability for the grades that we deserve/ earn.

      1. We take only the courses that we can successfully manage while balancing extracurricular activities.

      2. We take academic and extracurricular risks, and learn to manage them efficiently.

    1. Athletics: 

      1. We attend practices, and are committed to working as a team. 

      1. We understand that our academic priorities are first and athletic priorities are second as a “student-athlete”.

    1. Community:

      1. We acknowledge our obligation to community service hours, and willingly serve past our obligation to fulfill our responsibility as a member of the Seacrest Community

      1. We maintain a high standard of cleanliness and organization out of respect for our campus.

    1. Social Media:

      1. We respect our community, understanding that what we say online affects more than just ourselves. 

      2. We take ownership for what we do online.

      3. We recognize that there is no anonymity online.

  1. Pride and Humility

    1. Academics: 

      1. We take pride in our grades but we keep them to ourselves in a humble manner.

      2. We compete with ourselves, not with our peers.

      3. We do not let our grades and test scores define us.

    1. Athletics: 

      1. We have school spirit; however, we recognize when our pride gets in the way of our sportsmanship.

      2. We support our teams in the most spirited way possible.

    1. Community:

      1. We take pride in the Upper School, its staff, and its mission statement.

      2. We know that no matter where we are, we represent Seacrest School and we preserve our school’s reputation.

    1. Social Media:

      1. We are proud of our school, but we will not speak poorly of other institutions.

      2. We are proud to represent our school online.

      3. We recognize that, from an outside perspective, one event on social media can define the reputation of our community. However, we will not let that one event define our community from within.


    1. Academics:

      1. We have dedicated staff and teachers This encourages us to have friendly, but respectful relationships with our teachers and the rest of our school’s staff.

      2. We support our peers in their academic endeavors and the risks they take.

    2. Athletics:

      1. We have relationships with our team that extends beyond the field or court.

      2. We support and encourage our teams and our teammates not only in victory, but in defeat as well.

    1. Community

      1. We maintain positive relationships with our acquaintances and friends who are not a part of our community, and with our immediate and extended family. 

      2. We have the opportunity to have relationships with everyone in the Seacrest Community, and should take advantage of this.

    1. Social Media:

      1. We solve our problems with each other in constructive ways, not on social media.

      2. We remain a community even online.

We have relationships that are beyond this community but we value the time we have together, in person. Social interaction should go beyond a screen.