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English Department

Upper School English Department

The Department of English at Seacrest Country Day School seeks to prepare students to become close readers of great works of literature, confident writers of stylistic prose, and effective communicators of the good, the true, and the beautiful. Ultimately, the English Department of Seacrest Country Day School seeks to prepare the student and help them grow into a responsible citizens. At Seacrest Country Day School, English courses continue to emphasize a sound understanding of and facility in English.  

Students assess full works of literature/poetry according to type, theme, rhetorical strategies, literary richness, and history. Frequent writing of essays and research papers reflects both personal expression and the interpretation of literary studies.

Vocabulary study includes word origins, connotative and denotative meanings, and analogies. Finally, analysis of grammar, usage, and syntax occurs not in isolation from literature and composition, but in relationships with those aspects of English. 

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Seacrest's academic program develops in students the key skills they need to be successful in tomorrow's world. Our program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of language and communication. Through a diverse range of engaging activities, students explore the depths of literary classics, dissect the nuances of language, and refine their writing prowess. With a strong emphasis on critical thinking and analysis, our students learn to unravel complex texts, interpret meaning, and express their thoughts with eloquence and conviction.

At Seacrest Country Day School, our English program embodies a comprehensive and dynamic approach to literature. We empower our students not only to master the mechanics of language but also to embrace the transformative power of literature, cultivating a lifelong passion for reading, writing, and self-discovery. Through our program, we inspire our students to become articulate critical thinkers, poised to excel in the diverse arenas of academia, professional life, and beyond.

The English program here has taught me so much about the subject and myself. The reading, writing, and discussions we’ve done have helped me to gain confidence in the classroom and shown me how much I love literature.
— juliet clayton '24

At Seacrest, our commitment to literature education extends beyond the boundaries of the classroom. We believe that the power of literature lies not only in its ability to engage and enlighten individuals but also in its potential to inspire change and foster a sense of community. With this belief at the core of our approach, we actively encourage our students to embrace opportunities that allow them to take their literature learnings beyond the classroom walls and into the wider community.

One avenue through which we facilitate this is by actively participating in essay writing contests. These contests provide a platform for our students to showcase their literary skills and share their unique perspectives on various themes and topics. By delving into thought-provoking prompts and expressing their insights through the art of essay writing, our students develop their abilities to communicate effectively, think critically, and present their ideas with conviction. Moreover, these contests serve as a powerful means for our students to connect with a broader audience and share their voices with the world.