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Peer Mentoring


For over two decades, the success of our peer mentoring programs at Seacrest have been a testament to the profound impact it has on fostering connections and support among students at various stages of their educational journey.

Peer Mentoring lies at the heart of this initiative, as it pairs older and younger students, creating meaningful relationships that transcend age differences.

In the Upper School, the Peer Mentoring program matches older students with Middle School students who share similar interests or personalities. Through regular meetings, shared lunches, and informal hangouts, these mentorship pairs have the opportunity to bond, share experiences, and offer guidance and support. This intergenerational connection not only provides Lower and Middle School students with role models to look up to but also allows Upper School students to develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility toward their younger peers.

The success of the Peer Mentoring program extends even to the Lower School, where classes are paired across different grade levels. These buddy relationships are fostered through shared reading sessions, collaborative projects, and engaging activities. By bringing together students from different age groups, the program promotes empathy, cooperation, and a sense of camaraderie. During school events, it is heartwarming to witness the genuine support and encouragement these buddies offer one another, transcending grade levels and creating a tight-knit community.

The impact of the program is evident in the genuine connections and mutual support that students demonstrate during various school events. From heartwarming greetings between buddies of different ages to the presence of older students at significant moments in the lives of their younger peers, such as performances and presentations, the program nurtures a culture of inclusivity and support throughout the school.

Through the Peer Mentoring program, Seacrest instills in its students the values of compassion, empathy, and solidarity. By fostering these intergenerational connections, the program enriches the educational experience for students across all levels, creating a community where students feel a sense of belonging and a commitment to uplifting one another.

"Peer Mentoring gives a younger child a hero to look up to and an older child a chance to remember where they've come from and to be kind. Putting ourselves into others' shoes will always build a more understanding community. "Meg Easterly

Additionally, seniors at Seacrest are assigned 5th grade buddies, forming a special bond that goes beyond the classroom walls. The seniors meet with their buddies several times a month, creating a nurturing environment where the younger students feel supported and valued. The fifth-grade students, in turn, develop a strong sense of admiration for their senior buddies, often attending Varsity sporting events, Upper School plays, and other important school functions to cheer them on. This reciprocal support and encouragement enhance the sense of community and school spirit at Seacrest.

" My favorite part about the tight knit community at Seacrest is that it gives me the opportunity to spend time with and mentor younger students."

- Sophia Caruso '23