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Upper School

Welcome to Seacrest Upper School! We hope you enjoy browsing our offerings and programs.

The Upper School Leadership Team is excited to take our program at Seacrest forward. All of our students deserve the individual attention, academic challenge, learning support, and opportunity to develop curiosity and independence our program provides. We are going to further our efforts to provide rigor, choice, and excellent teaching in the college preparatory setting.

Seacrest seniors graduate from Seacrest prepared and ready for what's next. An experience steeped in academic engagement, intellectual risk, self-discovery and service to one's community uniquely equips our students to lead lives of significance beyond Seacrest. Upper School classrooms are places of lively debate and creative application of learning. A thriving independent study and internship program affords Seacrest students the opportunity to develop and pursue academic passions. In Symposium, ethical topics encourage students to self-reflect and more clearly articulate their beliefs and reasoning. Upper School students are engaged fully in the life of the school. Athletics, peer mentoring, clubs, music and theater, service and academic organizations provide enriching leadership opportunities for all students.

A quick introduction to the team: our experienced Academic Dean Mr. Howard Schott previously taught at independent schools in New York. He is joined by Dr. MaryZoe Bowden, head of the English Department. MaryZoe (‘MZ’) holds her Doctorate in Education and has taught at Seacrest for over 20 years. Dr. Joe Bord has a PhD in history from the University of Cambridge, where he served as an academic before transitioning to independent education. All are active teachers in the Upper School, and Dr. Bowden and Mr. Schott are parents of former and current students at Seacrest. In addition to the three of us, Steven Caruso, Associate Head of School, consults on all major decisions and initiatives.

We are committed to the academic, intellectual, social, and emotional flourishing of every individual student in the Upper School. This will be our guide when we begin the class registration process for the 2020-2021 school year at the start of the fourth quarter. We always welcome the chance to connect with you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Mr. Howard Schott,

Dr. MaryZoe Bowden,

Dr. Joe Bord,

Mr. Steve Caruso,

Upper School students are immersed in a learning environment that combines academic and personal challenge.