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Upper School

“My Mentor once said that the end of education is to produce virtuous people–men and women of courage, integrity, compassion, perseverance, generosity, and selflessness. Thus the goal of school should be to educate children to be wise and good people.”
Dr. Spencer Reese, Head of Upper School (BA, MA, MLitt, PhD)
Prepared, Confident, Inspired
With the solid foundational skills, competencies, habits, and confidence built in earlier grades, Upper School students dig deeper and take ownership of their education as they engage in college preparatory seminar learning and real-world experiences that prepare them for the rigors of college coursework. The student-teacher relationship evolves in the same way as our dedicated teachers become partners, guides, advisors, and champions of each student’s journey of character development and educational excellence. Through Symposium, a four-level seminar philosophy class, students use the Socratic method of formal discussions to explore the deepest and most important themes of life while reinforcing the importance of their core values, responsibility, and character. Students sharpen their focus and explore interests and strengths through extracurricular activities, internships, and focused studies in technology, the arts, engineering, innovation, robotics, and environmental sciences. Upper-School students graduate from Seacrest prepared, confident and inspired. The upper school learning enhancement center coaches and empowers students by providing them with the skills, strategies, and resources necessary to be more effective and successful in the classroom and life. The program focuses on the development of executive functioning skills, self-advocacy, study strategies, fundamental reading and writing skills, and the use of assistive technology.
Preparing Students for College and Beyond
College counseling sets us apart and puts our student’s goals and futures first. The college process begins in ninth grade and is individualized to each student with the goal of finding the right fit for every senior, based on academic performance, future goals, school culture, student personality, financial needs, and extracurriculars. Students and parents become sophisticated college consumers who make educated decisions when choosing the perfect fit.
Career Experience
Seacrest also offers unique opportunities for career exploration to its Upper School students through our Seacrest Experience and CareerQuest programs. During the Seacrest Experience, juniors and seniors are able to design an internship or job shadowing experience that will help them learn more about an intended major or career. CareerQuest is an annual event that brings professionals from across the region and the country onto our campus for a day of programming and interaction with our students.

Where do Seacrest Students Go to College?

Wherever they choose.




University of Miami




North Carolina Chapel Hill




University of Florida


Georgetown University


University of Michigan












George Washington


Class of 2022 College Acceptances


Upper School students are immersed in a learning environment that combines academic and personal challenge.

Class of 2020 College Acceptance List