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Areas of Distinction

Building Character & Leadership Through Community

Character education is woven into the curriculum at every level from interpersonal relationships and right versus wrong in the Lower School to more complex topics tackled in Middle School Advisory and Upper School Seminar.

Through our mentoring program, Upper School students regularly meet with Lower and Middle School students fostering relationships that have a profound effect on our community.

The Right Fit College

Success in college and beyond is only possible when planning focuses on each student’s goals and personality. We know our students, and our students know themselves. Seacrest takes students on college visits beginning in the ninth grade. Students own the college process and our expert counselors and faculty members help them find the perfect fit.

Community Partnerships, Outreach & Internships

Seacrest develops and stewards relationships with many businesses, research, educational and conservation institutions in Collier County and around the country. These partnerships offer unique experiences for our students. Whether regularly meeting with senior citizens at a local retirement home, helping local elementary students learn to read, or tagging sharks as part of a research program, our students learn the value of empathy for others and stewardship of our environment. Through these partnerships and community connections, we help secure juniors and seniors with internships. Our partnership program continually evolves as we look for intriguing, mission-appropriate experiences for our students in the world outside Seacrest.

Innovation & Problem Solving

Problem solving through innovation has been an essential component of learning at Seacrest since its founding and is woven throughout our curriculum. For example, students explore robotics, create prototypes in the Inspiration Lab, and build solar cookers. We provide students with the skills they must have to be successful in the classroom, in college, and in life.

Environmental Science & Sustainability

At Seacrest we take advantage of our unique biodiverse location in the world. Starting with our own preserve on campus, we explore our natural world and diligently work to monitor and improve our environment.

Lower School students gain an appreciation for nature and agriculture. Middle School students venture to MarineLab in the Florida Keys and participate in a water quality study of our ponds through Project Zero at Harvard University. Upper School students maintain their organic garden, manage the composting program and team-teach a sustainability elective with Seacrest faculty.