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Kindergarten through Grade 5

The Lower School faculty’s approach to your child’s education involves an intellectually challenging program, recognizing the individual in each student, while using techniques aimed at his or her emotional, intellectual and physical development.

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Small class sizes allow students to work closely with their teachers getting the attention they deserve to discover their strengths and talents. Faculty members help develop each student’s potential and love for learning in a safe and academically rich school environment.


At Seacrest, our youngest students receive instruction by our highly qualified and enthusiastic faculty. Stimulating lessons inspire and engage our students, reinforcing our school’s mission to provide an authentic, experiential learning environment.


Seacrest recognizes the importance of STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education in today’s increasingly technical world. Science and technology are strategically incorporated into every class and its curriculum. Resources include the Inspiration Lab, LEGO room, two computer labs and opportunities to work with Upper School science faculty.


Art is incorporated into classroom learning in the Lower School. While students attend art class as part of their schedule, many of the assignments in class require students to think creatively using various mediums. Music class is attended by students beginning in Pre-K. Band is introduced to fifth-grade students.


Instruction supports the four components of language arts with opportunities for active listening, public speaking, reading and writing. Lessons are infused in dramatic play and sensory experiences for our youngest students. As students develop at their own pace, the language arts program is tailored to support, scaffold and challenge at all levels.


Spanish instruction is integrated into classroom activities and lesson.