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Lower School

A child’s natural curiosity and imagination is the starting place for all education.

Our Lower School classrooms are a place of exploration and discovery. Seacrest classrooms are buzzing with activity as students move around the room utilizing learning centers. Students are encouraged to stretch their minds and take on intellectual challenges. Students develop important reading, writing and speaking skills. Classroom work is enhanced by work in the gardens and in the Inspiration Lab.


Beyond the academic realm Seacrest Lower School students are encouraged to develop strong collaborative skills in order to work in teams and to understand their role as members of our community. Deliberately small classes help students to understand and utilize empathy, compassion and active listening.

Hallmarks of the Lower School Experience

Integrative Academic Experience

Since its founding in 1983, Seacrest has embraced the concept that the best approach to learning is one which works beyond the boundaries of traditional curriculum guidelines. Seacrest Lower School students benefit from a program of integrated learning that affords them the opportunity to combine literacy, science, technology, mathematics in their daily explorations.

The Humanities

All Lower School students at Seacrest experience the beauty of art and music. From learning about the most important artists and musicians in the world to displaying their own masterpieces and performing at Flag Ceremony and concerts, our students understand the role that art and music play in their development. Our halls are covered with exciting artwork and our campus rings with music every day.


Our Spanish immersion program is a curriculum designed to incorporate a second language and develop language acquisition in a natural style. The focus is not on learning how the language works, but rather on exploring the language by organic instruction in their classroom setting. Being spoken to in two different languages starting at a young age develops mental flexibility, which teaches students to differentiate information and focus on what’s relevant.


  • For students to be actively engaged in the language, inside and outside of classroom.
  • Cultural awareness, and an understanding and acceptance of behaviorisms of cultures other than their own.

Service, Character and Ethics

Seacrest encourages all students both to “do well and do good”. Throughout the entire school a culture of empathy, compassion, kindness and integrity informs our learning. Our youngest Lower School students are introduced to Olly the Otter who inspires conversations about what students “otter” do in difficult situations. Our older students understand the privileges and responsibilities of being members of a community. Our Lower School has an active community outreach program with visits to local senior citizen facilities and a public elementary school. The importance of environmental sustainability is nurtured through students’ work in our organic gardens.

Thoughtful Technology Use

From learning to code to creating video projects, Seacrest students receive a strong foundation in skills they will need in the future. Utilization of the most current educational technology assures that our students are able to access many tools to enhance their educational experience.

Our school's Director of Technology Integration and his team collaborate with classroom teachers to find exciting opportunities for technology to be incorporated into different projects and in age- and developmentally appropriate ways.

Two computer labs, an Inspiration Lab, a LEGO robotics room and a robust iPad program provide students with spaces in which to be innovative and inspired.

A Rich Community Experience

Seacrest is truly a community of learners. Our youngest members in the Lower School recognize the leadership of our older students. Although there is a formal Peer Mentoring program in place, each day provides opportunities for our older students to interact with our Lower School. Lunch time with buddies, impromptu kickball games and shared lessons are only a few of the ways that our Lower School is engaged with the entire school community.

Healthy Living

Seacrest’s emphasis on healthy living extends beyond the traditional physical education classes to an active program of teaching our youngest students how to make good choices in food and activity. Through active practice of mindfulness our students are taught how to manage stress in our fast-paced world.