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"My Life in Quarantine" Projects

My Life in Quarantine

Students in our Art and Tech classes participated in an assignment last week titled "My Life in Quarantine." We asked students to either make a video documentary, leave tips for someone in the future, create a funny video of their pets to make us laugh, or create a STEAM project that could benefit their life in quarantine. Of course, being Seacrest Students, the exceeded our expectations. Enjoy a few of their "My Life in Quarantine Projects"

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Caterpillar Circles

My hope is that this past week was a good one for you. I can barely comprehend how our lives have changed during this time. This time of year, our preschool class studies caterpillars and the changes they go through to become a butterfly. What a fitting lesson for this time of change we are all experiencing.

The caterpillars have become very active. Check out this video of them!

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