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The Academy

The Academy at Seacrest Country Day School offers scholar-athletes the opportunity to combine top-level training and top-tier academic programs.

The Academy provides a unique way for high school athletes to fulfill graduation requirements, prepare for standardized testing and work with professional college counselors. All students are graduated from Seacrest fully prepared for college and for the next level of athletic endeavor.

Guided by the Academy Coordinator, students attend Seacrest Upper School classes with their classmates each academic day until noon. They are then dismissed to attend training or practices with outside coaches. Academy athletes have the benefit of actively participating in a school community while training in their chosen sport at the highest level. The full array of school activities are available to them as time and energy permits. Athletes no longer need to sacrifice outstanding preparation for college or a true “high school experience” in order to pursue their athletic ambitions.

The Academy Coordinator will help students to manage their academic schedules and homework and their athletic commitments successfully. In collaboration with Seacrest’s highly regarded college counseling office, the Coordinator also helps prepare students for the rigors and stresses of college athletic recruiting. The Coordinator is most often the first line of communication for the parents of students in the Academy

Highly competitive athletes who participate in individual sports (such as swimming, golf, tennis, etc.) are eligible for The Academy.

The Academy: FAQs