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Seacrest's academic program develops in students the key skills they need to be successful in tomorrow's world. Students master concepts in mathematics, English and language arts, literature, foreign language and science through a creative and innovative curriculum in which they are asked to collaborate with one another, research, and solve problems. Many subjects are taught with integration in mind. Literature students don't just read The Iliad, they also explore the Trojan War and the history of Ancient Greece. Biology students don't just learn anatomy, they work with the art department to creatively and accurately draw human organs. Lower School students learn Spanish vocabulary while studying sustainability and environmental science in their garden.

As a true learning community, our expert faculty inspire students to love what they are learning. Intellectual engagement is the driving force behind the mission of the school. When students engage, rather than memorize, they will commit to and "own" their educational experience.

Students are not only prepared for the next level academically, but also socially and emotionally. Students are recognized as individual learners and people and are challenged to reach outside their comfort zones, further strengthening leadership skills and finding growth through successes and failures.

Our graduates leave Seacrest ready for college with the ability not just to sit in a lecture hall and pass a test, but also knowing how to engage with professors and become a leader on campus.


Seacrest taught and encouraged me to think critically about my actions, my thoughts, reasons for my beliefs, and the importance of everyday life. I had no idea what kind of job I would end up with, but the skill to think on my feet and adapt to my surroundings has been necessary for me to successfully navigate my life so far. Seacrest taught, encouraged, and created an environment for me to think and live, and those skills are what I value most.
— Ann Murphy '12