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Mission & Core Values

We believe: Within each student is a source of unlimited potential and opportunity. Leadership, ethics and character, creativity, and joy-guideposts of our school culture-are woven through the curriculum and serve as the underlying principles of a Seacrest education.

Our Mission: Seacrest Country Day School is committed to fueling intellectual engagement, teaching ownership of the educational experience, cultivating quality of character, and inspiring students to lead lives of significance.

Our Guiding Values: Our values guide us in the choices we make, the words we speak, and the actions we take.

Seacrest Values
  • Curiosity - We think deeply and find solutions where obstacles once existed. We employ curiosity as the fuel for innovation and discovery.
  • Integrity - We are honest and dependable in our actions and words.
  • Kindness - We treat everyone we meet with kindness and compassion. Before we speak or act, we consider its impact on others.
  • Perseverance - We are steadfast in meeting our obligations and reaching our goals.
  • Respect - We treat everyone we interact with respect and dignity. We seek to understand alternative viewpoints, and perspectives.
  • Responsibility - We are accountable for our words, actions, and our futures. We consider how our actions will affect others.

Principles of our Education Experience: The Seacrest Community believes in the power of:

  • Intellectual Engagement – Students are challenged each day to achieve their full academic potential; intellectual risk taking and creativity are expected and rewarded.
  • Authentic Learning – Students discover the joy of learning as a lifelong process that enriches our lives.
  • Collaboration and Integrative Thinking - Students and teachers come together to learn, explore and discuss; wrestling with essential questions and real-world applications across disciplines leads to deeper overall understanding.
  • Integrity and Community Responsibility - Students count and are counted upon; they are responsible for their words, actions, and attitudes.
  • Leadership, Empathy, and Service - Students become leaders who understand the needs of others and harness the power of community to effect change and build lives of significance.