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Why Seacrest?

An Extraordinary Education Starts Here

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Within Each Student is a Source of Unlimited Potential and Opportunity

At Seacrest We Believe

When your child was born, within them was curiosity, intelligence, personality, quirks, passions, and dislikes. 

Our independent day school was founded on the belief that within each child is a source of unlimited potential and that it is our job as educators to facilitate the growth and learning of that child.

This is why we say that we educate the whole child. 

From the time they step onto our campus, our task is to understand how they learn and who they are as a person. Those are the keys to unlocking their unlimited potential of learning and growth.




Year Seacrest Opened


Potential of a Child to Learn


Average Hours Per Day of Learning Outside of the Classroom



Acre campus nestled in a tropical preserve


Without Boundaries

Since 1983, Seacrest Country Day School has provided students with an extraordinary education through an innovative, student-focused curriculum taught by passionate educators in a culture of excellence. Seacrest believes that within every student is the unlimited potential to learn, and that by cultivating each student’s distinctive interests, ideas, and passions students become lifelong learners prepared and inspired to engage and lead in their exponentially evolving world. 

Seeing is believing. We invite you to come see for yourself why Seacrest is the best private school in Naples.

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Learning Happens Everywhere

From our innovative classroom environments, our gymnasiums and athletic fields, across our 40-acre campus surrounded by preserves, to our community at large and throughout our world.  One student's interest in marine biology led her to connect with local universities and on to her dream of being on "Shark Week." 

When students are invited to follow their inspiration with the guidance of our dedicated teachers, there is no limit to how far they can go.

Learning Without Boundaries

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