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Place-Based Learning


Peer Mentoring

Early Math Mastery

Hands-On Learning

Collaborative Learning

Experiential Learning

Begins at Seacrest Country Day School


Seacrest was founded in 1983 with the belief that within every child is an unlimited potential for learning. We balance a nationally-aligned curriculum with hands-on, project-based, and place-based learning. At Seacrest, our class sizes are small so that every child is known and understood. This child-centered approach to education, creates an environment where students are challenged not only to be the best that they can be, but to expand their boundaries of learning and exploration.

Upper School

9th to 12th

Middle School

6th to 8th

Lower School

Preschool through 5th Grade

Baby Rays

Baby Rays

6 weeks to 3 years

In Their Own Words

Voices of Seacrest

Every child has ownership of their own education, and our community partnership is unique.

The support of my coaches and teachers propelled me into NCAA Division One track at Mount St. Mary's University

Rebecca Weir '22

Seacrest Community

My favorite part about the tight-knit community at Seacrest is that it gives me the opportunity to spend time with and mentor younger students. 

Sophia Caruso

Seacrest Community

The annual trips are one of my favorite parts of Seacrest because you not only learn to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but you also learn how to get along with your classmates and work better as a team.

Adaline Easterly

Seacrest Community

Harrison Goldbert

What I learned from Seacrest isn't from any individual class, but from the idea of a community. Through college, sports, and career, you are always working on teams. I really learned to work together with people, which is really important in any environment.

Harrison Goldberg '22

Seacrest Alumni

Seacrest baseball has given me the opportunity to play with a great group of guys and incredible coaches. Everyone pushes each other to be better every day on and off the diamond.

Garret Eisenhuth '23

Seacrest Community

Kate Talano

Seacrest taught me the importance of community. Nothing is sustainable on its own. To change the world, you have to change the way people see the world.

Kate Talano

Seacrest Alumni

Mock trial has taught me how to be a more confident and outspoken person. Since joining my freshman year, my teammates and coach have shown me nothing short of unconditional support and have pushed me to do my best in each competition. I wouldn’t have half the confidence level I have today if it weren’t for the amazing experiences I’ve had as an attorney on the mock trial team.

Juliet Clayton

Seacrest Community

Strong foundations paired with a growth mindset,  give our students the skills they need to build a bridge between concrete mathematical thinking and abstract thinking to set them up as mathematical problem solvers. 

Justyna Pohl, Lower School Coordinator

Seacrest Community

Harrison Goldbert
Kate Talano

Life at Seacrest


Within Each Student is a Source of Unlimited Potential and Opportunity

Why Seacrest?

Seacrest was founded on the belief that within each child is a source of unlimited potential and that it is our job as educators to facilitate the growth and learning of that child.

This is why we say that we educate the whole child. 

From the time they step onto our campus, our task is to understand how that child learns and who they are as a person. Those are the keys to unlocking their unlimited potential of learning and growth.

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