YAYA Week at Seacrest: A Peek Inside

YAYA Week at Seacrest: A Peek Inside
YAYA Week at Seacrest: A Peek Inside

Lower School recently celebrated YAYA Week - Young Authors Young Artists - at Seacrest. We asked 5th grade student Leila Bender her thoughts on the experience. She wrote us this story. Enjoy!

Last week was YAYA Week. We had a lot of different art and writing activities. My favorite activity was Ms. Tronnier's "Crazy Hair Day." In this activity, we drew the head of a person and filled the rest of the page with hair. Inside the hair you could do designs and patterns, or you could make the hair out of the letters of your name, written over and over again. (story continues below)

I think YAYA Week is important because it lets us show our creativity and express ourselves. Most schools don't do anything like YAYA Week, so I think it is awesome that Seacrest does YAYA Week. It shows we are different from other schools. It also shows our school is creative and doesn't just want us to learn from books.

Leila Bender, grade 5


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