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Sprint to the Finish

Every fall our fundraising campaign, Seacrest's Annual Fund is initiated with the goal of 100% participation from employees, parents, alumni parents, grandparents, Board members and friends of Seacrest.

Like all independent schools, Seacrest depends on annual giving to bridge the gap between tuition and the cost to operate the school and enhance the student experience. Your charitable and tax-deductible contribution to the Annual Fund supports faculty and staff salaries, professional development, programs, campus maintenance and improvements, financial aid and more.

Your gift, in any amount, directly supports our students and faculty.

Seacrest Annual Fund

Thank You to Our
2017-2018 Annual Fund Donors

This report gratefully acknowledges gifts received between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. Please send any errors to * Denotes a current parent

A Better Life Chiropractic/Deanna Barbaro*
af Jochnick Family*
Dr. Larry and Tracey Albert*
Michelle and Michael Alfrey
Affordable PetCare Hospital/Dr. Risa and Darren Moore*
Gabriel Almazan*
Izzy and Owen Ambrose
Shalea Alvarez and Geoff Hitchon*
Nancy Amos
Anew Air Heating and Cooling/O'Bryon Family*
Anonymous (6)
Jennifer Ariola*
Eva Aspegren*
Julie and Ron Aspegren
Kevin Aspegren*
Milena Ayala
Dr. Antonio Balson
Marc Barry
Barbara Barton
Andy and Amanda Beights
Bernice Kaye Family Foundation, Inc.
Sandy and Jesse Bernstein
Rebecca Best
Julie Bigelow
Bitzel Family*
Dr. Joseph Bord
Robert and Jenny Boreham*
Jesse Brady, '15
Brandt Family*
Doug and Debra Brown*
Margaret Bryant
Dennis and Hennika Burger*
Judy and Tim Burns
Cameron Buxton, '15
Canada Family
William J. Carufe
Steven and Pamela Caruso*
Thomas and Patricia Cauchon*

Clayton Family*
Concierge Medical of Naples, LLC/Dr. Obayedur and Salma Khan*
Covelli Family*
David and Claudia D'Alessandro*
Jerry and Terry Dalton
Elizabeth Davis, '17
Raymond and Rosaria Dawid
Dr. Richard and Kyla de Asla*
Bill and Jodie DeSalvo
Tom DeMarchi
Dellora A. and Lester J. Norris Foundation
Ducham Family*
Erin and Patrick Duffy
Marty and Tim Durham
Trevor Durham, '08
Dynamic Seawall Maintenance/Timmerman Family*
EarthTech Unlimited, Inc.
Ross and Ashley Eckhardt*
Jeff and Trish Erickson
EverKleen, Inc./Vincent Barbaro*
Feins Family*
Lisa Federico
Garcia Family*
Ian and Susan Garwood
Brenda Gibbon
Mike and Alecia Grandi*
George and Nicole Grech
Grilo Family*
Harpster Family*
B. Noel Harrington
Carol I. Hastings
David Hastings, '10
Mark Hastings, '14
Kevin and Pamela Hawkesworth*
Hussey Family*
Jennifer and Peter Huy*
Hynes-Gallagher Family *
Ide Family*
Ilitch Family*
Jeffrey M. Janiero and Sarah Piercy-Janiero*
Jobe Family
Johnson Family*
Jeff and Courtney Jones*
William and Barbara Jones
John and Gail Kappotis
James and Susan Kelleher
Nancy Kennedy
Dr. Jane R. Kearn
Maria Werner Klinck
Penny Kline*
Kramer Family*
Kruk Family*
Kula Foundation
Martine and Bryan Landry*
Jason and Ann Marie Lauritsen*
Adi Lax
Legrand Family
Andrew LeMay, '14
Robert and Vera Lindabury
Dr. Catherine Little Hunt and James Hunt*
Sylvie Lucki
Miguel and Cynthia Madariaga*
Manierre Family*
William and Beverly Maranto
Mark and Jennifer Marsala*
Mather Family*
Bruce Mather
Julia Matricciani*
Dr. Christopher and Marie McCash*
Lisa McLaughlin
Juliana Meek, '95
Douglas Meester/Waterline Marketing Co.*
Dr. Debra Merwin
Glenn and Denise Miller*
Christin Palumbo Minder
Mizwa Family*
Heather Moore
Cy and Claudia Morris*
Jack Morse
Tom and Susan Murray
Myers Family*
Denise and Michael Nieman*
Nikolich Family*
Regina Noch*
Kristin Norkleunis
Barbara Oakley
Patricia O'Connor Carlson*
Abigail O'Hara, '16
Michael and Nancy O'Hara
William and Joyce O'Meara
Jennifer Parisi*
Robert and Jennifer Paxton*
John and Rachel Paz*
Robert J. Pearl*
Pearson Family*
Larry and Cindy Pivacek*
Nick and Justyna Pohl
Judith Poorbaugh-Chapelle*
Dr. Lynne and Glenn Powell
Mark and Christina Price
Pruitt Family*
Pure Water Pools/Atkinson Family*
Ken and Nathalie Ralton*
Karen Reinbold
Tim Rhoads and Melissa Merrell Rhoads*
Linda A. Rich
Bill and Caroline Richards*
Sydney Richards, '15
Paula and Mike Richardson*
Riebesell Family
Robert and Mai Riley*
Joe and Laura Ryan
Salain Family*
Satinsky Family*
Dave and Debi Schimmel
Schmieding Family*
Sebes Family
James and Francia Shaw
Sladick Family
Slavik Family*
Nicole Soderlund*
Standhart Family*
Patricia Stanley
David Stevens and Maribel Larrogoity*
Toby Sutton
Anne Suydam Haskins
Gordon and Carol Timmerman
Dr. Karen Tolchin*
Jennifer Townsend*
Tribuiani Family*
Tronnier Family*
Michael and Renae Tucker*
Chad and Tyra Turner*
Nancy A. Turner
Joan Van Vliet
Jason and Nicole Vishio*
Kim Walbert
Karen and James Warnken
Dr. John and Bonnie Watson
Donna Weir Mosel
Jeff and Cindy Weir*
Tina Westervelt*
Karla Wheeler
Russ Wheeler and Jamie Shaffer*
Chris and Rae Young
Zafar Family*
Mireille Zappulla*
Charley and Gail Zimmer
Todd and Sharon Zwicker*